Thursday, August 3, 2017

UFOs and Earthquakes

I wrote this up a few years ago and it's been in the draft section of the blog.  It's based on an old Persinger paper covering "UFO" lights secondary to plate tectonic stress release...visible energy.

UFOs and Earthquakes

I recently came across an old (1988) research paper authored by Michael Persinger titled, "Geophysical Varibles and Behavior:  Epidemiological Considerations for Incidence of Cancer and Depression in Areas of Frequent UFO Reports."

Persinger's paper was published in Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1988.  The crux of the paper deals with radon gas and electromagnetic fields releasing as a precursor to seismic activity (earthquakes).  Though this paper is 24 years old, researchers are still looking at the validity of increasing electromagnetic field spikes prior to earth quake activity.  Persinger's paper has a UFO angle.

Pesinger briefly explores the following:

1.  Anomalous luminous displays, often described as verified UFO reports, hypothesized to be generated by local, intense and brief tectonic strain fields.

2.  Luminous  displays are an extreme manifestation of tectonic strain fields.

3.  In an active region of seismic activity, intense electromagnetic fields might occur briefly, but with increase frequency over a prolong period of time, lasting months to years.

4.  From an epidemiological stand point, it is possible that tectonic strain fields may have two possible causation for cancer: a)  penetrating magnetic component of extremely low frequency or pulsed radio frequency ranges and b)  the release of radon gas.

5.  Time varying exposure to these magnetic fields may correlate to increase psychiatric disorders.

     a.  nocturnal alterations in pineal melatonin, effecting serotonin pathways.
     b.  variants of temporal lobe dysfunction/lability.
     c.  brief seizure activity affecting the brain's limbic structures further affecting cognitive          functioning, ie, changes in memory and behavior.
     d.  if above is true, then after each tectonic event there should be an increase of psychiatric disorders in the affected geographical region.

6.  Noted areas in which luminous phenomena were highly localized for several months:

     a.  Uinta Basin (1967)
     b.  Carman, Manitoba (1975-76)
     c.  Zeitoun, Egypt (1968-69)
     d.  Hessdalen, Norway (1984-85)
     e.  Historically, possible most intense single focal display occurred in 1917, several thousand viewing bright luminosity near Fatima, Portuagal (the vision of Mary).

7.  Two high-risk groups : individuals who have a singular very intense close encounter with luminous phenomena, and those who have intermittent, frequent exposures over a lifetime.

     a.  UFO field investigators due to working in the vicinity of luminous phenomena.
     b.  UFO field researchers would be predicted to be prone brain tumors, testicular cancer, and leukemia.
     c.  Temporal lobe dysfunction symptoms:  delusions, extreme egocentric interpretation of events, belief in personal destiny, and a sense of presence.

8.  Per Persinger's closing statement, "The magnitude of the effect is difficult to predict in light of the likely variable exposure schedules and unclear dosimetry of tectonic strain fields; many UFO investigators have no actual history of close proximity of luminous phenomena...Obviously not every field investigator or person who has had a single intense exposure to such phenomena would develop these disorders.  However, at such expected incidence levels, the presence of a tectonic strain factor should be evident in a controlled epidemiological study."

After mentally digesting Persinger's key elements presented above and keeping in mind that this is a 24 year old paper, certain components need to be looked at in today's understanding of the subject matter.

Is there evidence that prior to earthquake activity there is spiking of electromagnetic fields?

From Wired Magazine, 12/14/2007, "Evidence Mounts for Electromagnetic Earthquake Precursors":
 Scientists revealed data Thursday that an electromagnetic alarm might have preceded a 2007 earthquake in Northern California. The evidence could offer support to a controversial theory that mysterious and little-understood signals might offer fair warning for imminent catastrophic earthquakes.

If some UFO reports are luminous phenomena secondary to increase emission of electromagnetic fields, then there should be evidence of increase UFO reports in a given region prior to the earthquake event.

Note to Reader:  This blog post was written and held in draft before the strong Easter Sunday earthquake of 2010 which was centered near El Centro, Ca/Mexicali area of Mexico.  It was felt in San Diego with a magnitude in the 6s. 

I had checked UFO sighting data bases for any "UFO" activity leading up to the event and found nothing for the El Centro area.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Psychological Approaches to UFOs, Abductions and Close Encounters

I wanted to provide abstracts and snippets from peer reviewed journals in relation to UFOs, alien abductions and close encounters.  This is really what lured me into posting about the phenomena.
My general view, based on my current profession, is that some UFO related encounters have a psychological component, and to a rare occasion, a psychiatric element.  That's not to mean that people who see something are psychotic, on the contrary, the sighting may be very real, but information (missing) may lead to an illogical conclusion.

I've been exploring the possibility of brief neuro-physiological conditions that induce momentary psycho-pathological events that alter the perception of reality or conscious awareness.  This may involve the increase in neural transmitters in the neuronal synapses caused by stress or an undetected physiological condition.
Most of the abstracts provided tends to address the more complex and bizarre nature concerning the perception of alien abductions and close encounters. 

The contribution of metaphor and metonymy to delusions  

Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

Volume 77Issue 1pages 1–17March 2004

Mr. John E. Rhodes1,*S. Jakes2

This article investigates the possible role of metaphorical thinking in psychotic delusions. Twenty-five participants with delusions were asked to give an account of how their ideas had formed and to describe recent experiences relevant to their delusional beliefs. The data suggest that for some participants there may have been a crucial period when the person has unusual experiences, psychosocial difficulties, and made attempts involving metaphor/metonymy to understand these experiences. Furthermore, some participants reported very recent unusual experiences using metaphorical terms, and we speculate on the possibility that the content of the metaphors contributes to a continuation of psychotic experience. The data form a series of case illustrations and are exploratory. No generalizations can be made, but the presence of significant metaphors and metonymy in 11 out of 25 case histories suggests the process may be an important one.  We end by outlining a theoretical model of how metaphors might contribute to the formation of delusions: it is suggested that delusional statements are intended to be literal statements, but report on experiences transformed by metaphorical meaning. This transformation involves the ‘fusion’ of conceptual domains.
This reminds me when I was completing my clinical rotation in psychiatric nursing and spent up to 2 months following a paranoid schizophrenic (Jefferson Barracks VA Center, St. Louis). Metaphoric thinking appeared to be predominant in his thought well as audible hallucinations.

There was no UFO componet in his delusional thinking, but bizarre none the less, as the rock group KISS played a predominate role in the delusion.  KISS was based on a obscure planet in our solar system and apparently it's band members played an important role in protecting the Earth, if not the galaxy.  KISS was the metaphoric incarnation of universal salvation for my patient, that is, it's how he had perceived it to be.

This young man kept a journal consisting of his rambling thoughts.  True to form, as it is with schizophrenics, the writings were fragmented, circumstantial, with tangential patterns.  Over the course of months, I would discover that there was a pattern.  I could piece the fragments together and what would unfold was a complete story line...still bizarre in detail...but none the less, a complete piece of work.  Again the individual band members played an important role (messianic?).  They were the metaphor as described by Rhodes and Jakes.

Toward an explanation of the UFO abduction phenomenon: Hypnotic elaboration, extraterrestrial sadomasochism, and spurious memories

LS Newman, RF Baumeister - Psychological Inquiry, 1996
Autobiographical memories are often suspect. For example, a surprisingly large number of people report having been abducted by extraterrestrials. We offer a prototype of the abduction experience and an assessment of the frequency of such reports. These accounts are hard to dismiss on the basis of mendacity or insanity, but there are ample reasons to doubt their literal accuracy. We offer a cognitive-motivational explanation for how spurious memories of unidentified flying object (UFO) abductions can be created and maintained. The motivational roots lie in the desire to escape from ordinary self-awareness, and this explanation is supported by parallels between UFO abduction accounts and masochistic fantasies. The cognitive bases involve the integration and elaboration of hallucinations, general knowledge, and contextual cues into full-blown accounts, usually with the aid of hypnosis. Due to the pitfalls of hypnosis, people develop a high degree of confidence in the veridicality of spurious UFO abduction memories.

Newman and Baumeister appear to take the approach that UFO abductions are motivatedin the desire of the abductee to escape his/her self awareness (assuming ones awareness of a past traumatic event).  The masochistic fantasy conjecture may be a bit too much.  But note the issue of using hypnosis as an aid and the some to endorse the totally veracity of regressive memories. (See blog post about Kimball's interview with Robert Salas).

More to come...

Friday, July 28, 2017

What is important with a blog? Readership or comments?

My friend Rich Reynolds over at UFO Conjectures appears to be lamenting not his readership numbers but comments from said readers.  So I ask the question:  What is more important, readers or comments?

Rich's tomes tend to be that of merging classical literature, art, theology with attempts to explain the UFO and/or ET phenomena.  I've no qualms with that approach as it provides enlightenment for his readers and challenges that readership to look at the classics.  It's an interesting approach.

But his approach does cut down on comments, yet it does provide a swell of viewers, I being one of them.

If I use this blog as an example, you'll see the same, plenty of readers but not quite the numbers of comments.  I've long accepted this to be the case and have no problems with it.  It's the readership that matters.  My views are being considered...not accepted or rejected...but considered.  This is not to mean that these views may well have been outright rejected, but at least someone has taken the time to read and comprehend what I'm all about.

Further, I write as I would speak...simple and easy to understand.  That does not mean that I can not wax prose and communicate in the highest standards of academia or obtuse intellectualism.  I can easily convert to that form, but find it very stuffy and off putting, if not outright stupid.

The subject tends to be complicated, why not explain it in the most simplest form?

The foundation for this blog are the following posts that anchor my personal franchise:, this with 1424 separate views., Echo Flight:  The Makings of a UFO Myth, 2122 current views., Oscar Flight:  A mysterious UFO Tale Never Was, 1441 current views.

Very little comments, yet slowly but surely spreading my alternative theory for anyone to consider.  This and the above works/opinions are what I want to be known for.

What good are comments if no one reads my posts?

Interesting comments on my Sercy, Arkansas Titan II posts

Some years ago, I posted the sad story about the tragedy that occurred at the Titan II site located near Sercy, Arkansas back in 1965.  Site 373-4 was undergoing contractor work in the launch tube/silo when a flash fire occurred killing 53 civilians that were trapped in the enclosed structure.

I had asked the question if the site was "haunted" and over the years I've accumulated comments from those crew members that pulled alert at the site after the tragic event.

The post can be accessed here with the comments from those crew members.

I've also posted briefly on the explosion and subsequent destruction of the Titan II site [374-7] near Damascus, Arkansas which occurred on Sept 18, 1980.  The story and photos of the sites total destruction can be Googled.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

David Schindele "It Never Happened"

Retired Air Force officer David Schindele has recently published a book, "It Never Happened."  Mr. Schindele was a Minuteman launch officer assigned to Minot AFB, ND back in the late 1960s. [1965-1968]

Based on the available information, Schindele was on alert at a site near Mohall, ND when a "flying object" took down all ten of his Minuteman I missiles.  I'm assuming that all ten sorties dropped into LF No-Go mode.  This may have happened in December 1966 based on a local Minot newspaper story or later in 1967.

After the encounter, Air Force officials allegedly told Schindele that the incident "Never Happened" and that he was to speak of this no further.  According to Schindele, he did just that, keeping his silence for well over 50 years.

Is this the same incident that the late David Schuur reported while on alert at a Minot site back in the late 1960s?  I wrote a blog post back in 2010 looking into Schuur's story.

Project Blue Book does appear to list an investigation corresponding to a March 5, 1967 incident in and around Minot AFB, but received reports of a UFO sighting near Mohall, ND and Velva, ND from local policemen on March 2, 1967.  The object in question appeared to be moving east to west. 

I'll attempt to purchase Mr. Schindele's book and review its contents with a follow-on write up on this blog.

Note:  Mr. Schindele's book is listed on Amazon here.

Observing the "Hard Problem" of Consciousness in a Clinical Setting

Most have heard of the concept of the "hard problem" of consciousness.  David Chalmers describes it as the understanding of qualia.   What is the description of the color of red, or describe the scent of a rose.  Such is the difficult concept of defining consciousness which is still allusive to this day.

A recent read of Robert Burton's article in Nautilus, "When Neurology Becomes Theology," reminded me that I've been exposed to the "hard problem" numerous times in the clinical setting.

A patient presents with a paranoid ideation that her ex-boyfriend is a member of a Mexican drug cartel and she sees black helicopters surveying her outside her hospital window.  Numerous times I would be called into her room to verify that there were helicopters hovering near her window [our unit is on the 7th floor].  I saw no such flying objects and truthfully conveyed my observation.

A patient presented with a fix delusion that she was pregnant.  She was in her mid 80s, but vehemently believed that it was so, even acknowledging that it was physically impossible.  She was the recipient of a "miracle."

A male patient believed that his family was planning to storm the hospital unit and kill him for his money.  Subsequent review of the family dynamics showed this not to be true, yet the paranoid delusion persisted with the patient asking me to call the police, or to move him to a different room so as not to be found by family member.

A female patient believed that the "Holy Spirit" had demanded that she refuse all nutrition and that anything the color of purple be removed from her room.  Diagnosed with a late onset of schizophrenia with delusions of religiosity.

An elderly woman refused to see or talk to her son because she believed that he was an imposter.  He looked and acted like her son but her perceptions were that it was really someone else...classic Capgra's delusions.

The list of psychotic features have been numerous based on my 20 years of psychiatric observations.  Despite the obvious debilitating psychotic issues, they were all independently different.  Psychosis is a personalized manifestation.  None are alike, as each patient perceives the psychotic component via their construct of "self" awareness in different individualistic ways.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Paradigm Shift for this Blog?

If you noticed, I'm gradually shifting the blog postings away from the UFO topic.  UFOs tend to bore me at this point.  Its a waste of time both personally and intellectual-wise.  That's not to mean that I view the endeavors of others as a waste of time...that's their choice, but for me it's a distraction.

The UFO enigma, from a psychological point of view, provides no compelling answers for human development, the ecosystem, economical theories, and political governmental policies.

I'm an observer of the human mind and it's idiosyncrasies.  We as humans are a fascinating lot, both when healthy and when in the clutches of diseases and syndromes.  That's my job, my profession, to observe behaviors and to render help to the best of my ability.

The brain is a most fascinating organ.  It functions like a computer syphoning data from our eyes, ears, nose, and taste buds providing a complex map of how we view our external environment.  Yet, unlike a computer, the brain's "operating system" is vague and open to many interpretations...what is the basis for consciousness?

As complex as the brain, it's not a stand alone organ.  The moment the heart stops beating and circulation is interrupted we lose consciousness.  Restore circulation within a specific period of time, consciousness is restored.  I'm simplifying it, because there are numerous issues that could occur with brain functionality, but never the less, consciousness can be restored.

Metabolic imbalances and pathogens effect the functions of the brain resulting in altered states of consciousness in the form of deliriums.  But altered states does not wipe out entirely one's consciousness.  It continues to exist and functions even in a disadvantaged state.

The human body is a system that functions on a wellness continuum that seeks to maintain equilibrium via homeostasis.  This is where all of the physiological systems function in harmony and balance.

The human body is a compensatory system that automatically [involuntary response] compensates for any changes affecting homeostasis.  During a cardiac event [heart attack] where blood supply to the heart muscles is disrupted, peripheral blood vessels instantly constrict in the attempt to divert blood flow back to the heart.

The kidneys filtrates and monitors the quantity of red blood cells releasing a hormone that stimulates our bone marrow to produce more red blood cells if needed.  All of this happening without you ever knowing it.

The list goes on as far as a compensatory system, but the overall crux is that all of these involuntary actions lead to one important thing...protecting the functionality of the brain.  The body will sacrifice every other organ system with the final goal of protecting the brain.

I don't need to marvel at an enigma that has no material or philosophical meaning, when we as humans and all other living species are a marvel in their own right. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

The "Poor Man's" Multiverse

A thought exercise of sorts that I had concocted a few years ago while traveling to work.  Frankly, I've thought of this frequently.  Feel free to laugh, but I think there may be something to this at least in the form of an analogy.

When driving to work, my place of work being 35 miles away from my home, I'm traveling on I-15 South towards San Diego.  Usually it's approximately 2:20 PM so traffic is somewhat heavy but flowing without issue.

I'll use last Sunday as an example for this thought exercise.  Traveling south on the freeway, I'm surrounded by numerous vehicles as I-15 is 5 to 6 lanes in width.  I estimated that there were 20 to 30 cars ahead of me and the same in back of me.

We are traveling at different speeds [in this case velocity as there is a direction of travel].  I'm traveling at 65 mph.  Other vehicles are traveling at various speeds, that is they are either passing me, or I'm passing them, but we are traveling in the same direction south.

The occupants are oblivious to my personal presence.  Maybe a brief recognition of my vehicle, but nothing more.  I've no idea what is being said in the other vehicles or what is being listened to on the radios.  Basically I've no idea what they are thinking and neither can they say the same of me.

We are all in our own little world...our own universe with no interaction with the other.  We are separately engrossed in our own thoughts.  Any interaction from one would be from a random event...causing a potential catastrophic event in the form of an accident.

Is there a deterministic feature to this model? Yes, as we would all have a starting point and an end point, but those points can not be determined other than my own.  I must make an assumption concerning the other drivers.

Is there a free will component?  Yes, as we have the opportunity to freely change lanes and consciously attempt to drive in a safe manner as we are aware of the consequences of our actions.

Note to readers, my use of the term "free will" is a personal preference as modern day philosophy and psychology discourage the term, but circumvent this by substituting "choice" as way of defining the decisions we make when faced with numerous options or actions.

So there we have it.  My personal model of a crude version of the multiverse.  Numerous little universes existing side-by-side.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Consciousness and UFOs

Can consciousness explain UFOs?

This is a curios question, but worthy of pondering.  Both subjects are difficult to qualify as consciousness is a poorly understood reality while UFOs may be an abstract product of the other.  To look at this further, one has to separate the two with the hopes of defining each subject.

Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind.

The above via Wikipedia is a decent definition, but based on years of observation and interaction with individuals suffering from neurological insults, I believe that "quality" of awareness can be omitted.  So consciousness is the state of awareness that is not dependent on quality as this is purely a subjective term that an outside observer would attach independent of the observed individual.

Someone suffering from the total degradation of cognition still presents as conscious and he/she attempts to interact or interpret the environment [milieu].  Interesting observations have shown to me that these individuals are quiet aware of who they are...the have a sense of self-awareness.  They know their names; they respond to their names.  They may not know where they are, the current date, age, or the names of spouses/children, but they know that they exist.

I believe that it's possible to say that consciousness exists somewhat independent of cognition.  But if we throw in all of the cognitive functions, such as, memory, learning, judgement, spatial, and executive functioning, we are presented with an operative functioning neuro-system.  But, these functionalities appear to be somewhat loosely independent of consciousness. 

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is in its strictest definition any apparent object in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon. However the term is widely used in popular culture to refer more specifically to supposed observations of craft of extraterrestrial origin. Most UFOs are later identified as conventional objects or phenomena.

Again from Wikipedia, we have a decent definition of the term "UFO."  The first part of the definition is spot on: "...object in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon..."  But the crux of the UFO cultural understanding is the last part, "...popular culture to refer more specifically to supposed observations of craft of extraterrestrial origin..."  This last part tends to be the universal definition.

You may recall that some years back I had spotted an object moving at high speed through my telescope and wrote a post about it.  To me, it was obviously a satellite of some kind, but I had one person commenting that I may have indeed seen an object of the ET variety...I did not.

But nonetheless, one's consciousness would be aware of the UFO as an external object.  The ability to comprehend the UFO would therefore fall under the realm of cognitive functioning, ie, memory, learning, judgement, etc.  As I had postulated in a previous post using a behavioral component with possible conditioning, then the individual is left to whatever interpretation fits his/her mental framework.

One's consciousness is aware of the UFO, but the actual interpretation of the object is an abstract construct of cognition.  The object may well exist in reality, but one must remember that reality is how things truly exist, not as they appear, nor how they are imagined.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Existing in Different Realities

Reality is an interesting concept.  Basically its the mental question that we ask on a second by second basis: "What is real?"

Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, not as it appears or as it is imagined.  Are UFOs a reality?  That depends on how you view reality which in turn goes to state of mind.  And most importantly, that reality may be intractably imbedded in relativism.  I'll touch on the concept of relativism in a later post, but it is the biggest obstacle we face when discussing the UFO subject both from a skeptical and believer point of view.

Can we exist in different competing realities?  The obvious answer is yes.  I use a personal example of living in two different versions of reality...and both were real, existing side by side, but one totally hidden from the other, yet meeting the textbook definition of reality.

Most know by now that back in the early 1980s I was a missile officer for the old Strategic Air Command...I was on a Minuteman II launch crew pulling nuclear alerts at Malmstrom AFB, MT.  Rather than live on base, my wife and I lived in the local community of Great Falls proper.

We initially lived in an apartment then saved up to buy a small home.  Along the way my daughter was born.  During this time I was subjected to the realities that come with living in a local economy.  I had rent/mortgage to pay along with the usual utility bills.  Gas was $1.15 per gallon and I bitched and moaned about that.  Social outlets were movies, occasional eating out at local restaurants, and road trips around that beautiful state called Montana.  This was the normal reality that most Americans were living in.

Contrast that to going out on nuclear alerts.  Getting up at 5 or 6 am depending if I had packed my crew bag the night before.  Pre-departure briefing at 7 am.  Because I was in the 490th SMS, I could anticipate a 2 to 3 hour drive to the site.  Once the alert commenced time changed as I was no longer clocking time in Pacific Standard local, but now under Zulu [GMT].  There was no visual references for day or night.  It was noisy as cold air was being blown into the equipment racks to keep them from overheating.

There would be a constant flow of message traffic [we were in a higher state of DEFCON] via the Primary Alerting System.  A warble tone...deedle, deedle, deedle ..."Sky Bird, Sky Bird, the is the SAC Airborne Command Post with a test of the primary alerting system...acknowledge."  This would go on with SAC HQ, 15th Air Force HQ and 8th Air Force HQ...all day and that does not include the myriad of Emergency Alert Messages that hit the command net.  I was surrounded by motor generator noise, radio traffic, communication racks discharging messages, buzzers and ringing bells.  Throw in the constant SAC exercises for good measure to complete the picture.

The above two mentioned realities co-existed side by side, yet one was totally hidden from the other.  So yes it is possible for two different realities to exist as both reflected things as they actually existed despite appearances and one's imagination.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Are UFOs a Product of a Quantum Mental State?

That's the question posed by Rich Reynolds.  Can the UFO phenomena be understood from a quantum mechanics standpoint based on human observation?

"The quantum bromide that quantum particles in a superposition state, do or do not exist until they are measured (observed), allegorized in the Schrödinger “thought experiment” of the cat in a box, applies to UFOs.

"That is, UFOs do not exist until they are observed, but does that observation create the UFO sighting or does the UFO event exist before it is observed?"

"And how does consciousness enter into the equation? Is there a psychological component integral to UFOs, or even a neurological component?"

Rich presents some interesting thoughts, but in the above we are dealing with a micro sub particle concept and attempting to marry it to macro physiological system called the brain.

One question to ask is why do some segments of society see UFOs and the other doesn't?  In this post I refer to UFO as something airborne that cannot be identified as terrestrial by nature.

The structures of the brain can be reduced down to the billions of neurons and the numerous neurotransmitters all the way down to the sub particle realm where quantum mechanics would be in play.

But quantum physics provides no answer for defining the mind and thoughts.  We can identify and understand the various areas of cognition, but the concept of actual consciousness is still allusive.

Thus a humanistic neurological quantum state is not the answer to human observation of UFOs since this has no impact on consciousness.  But cognitive states may provide some clues.

Behaviorism provides some insight in the UFO phenomena.  Behaviorism revolves around cognitive functioning that develops through learned experience, memory, reasoning and a myriad of other areas of executive functioning. 

Behaviorism also includes the effects of conditioning. I proffer that conditioning is a prime factor that contributes towards the "observer's" perception. Conditioning occurs through various mechanisms, such as, being exposed from an early age to UFO books, TV programs, and movies.

It is through conditioning that provides a possible answers to the question regarding the observer's relationship to UFOs.  It is a cognitive perception exercise that has no metaphoric quantum observational meaning. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Skeptical Desconstructionism Regarding UFO Claims

My last post, I mentioned the term "deconstructionism" in the context of a skeptical approach to looking at the subjects of UFOs.  If this is to be the name of my approach, then I'm obligated to define the term, or if you will this personal "philosophy."

I must also freely admit that this term may have already been coined by someone else, as I've come to believe that original thinking is somewhat rare nowadays.  Or, I may be describing something that has been well established, but I'm providing a different label.  This is not unusual, the history of psychology is a good example of relabeling or repackaging a discipline to fit the current times.

Deconstruction does exist in the philosophical realm as it was proposed by the French philosopher Jacque Derrida.  Derrida developed the use of deconstruction as a critical outlook over the relationship between text and meaning.

Looking at Derrida's work, I'm not too far off the beaten path, but Derrida was not involved with the subject matter covered in this blog. 

Deconstructionism [my variation] is not limited to the subjects of UFOs, but can be adequately used as a process to look at any questionable claims...ghost hauntings, government conspiracy (pick your choice on this one) and the like.

Deconstructionism is the process(es) of initially viewing a claim as a completed jigsaw puzzle, yet somehow the puzzle appears disjointed or distorted usually minutely in its presentation.  The viewer sees the completed puzzle as a mental picture, but his/her mind consciously brushes over slight imperfections that go unnoticed.

The claim, the seemingly completed jigsaw puzzle, must be taken apart piece by piece.  Each piece must be individually assessed until the structure of the puzzle is no more.  Then the puzzle is pieced back together. 

Does the reconstructed puzzle still hold the original image?  If it is a different image, then the answer to the perplexing question of "Why?" lies in the independent analysis of the individual puzzle pieces themselves. 

Simple, right?  Not necessarily as the process of deconstruction requires time and effort that many are unwilling to invest.  Thus, the original claim is then held as acceptable and goes forth as the truth and the inherent flaws remain hidden from view.

If you take the time to peruse this blog and look at the UFO cases presented, you will see that each case took months, and in certain cases, well over a year to analyze.  Hence even for me briefly succumbing to the "burnout" factor.

Coming up next:  The use of objective and subjective criteria for UFO analysis.  Yes, I've harped on this before, but I will preach this gospel yet again!

To the family of Jacques Derrida, my apologies for linking, even subtly, deconstruction to UFO claims...I could call my approach Hebertism, but then I would be acting like an egocentric asshat and God knows that there are many of those who write on this subject.  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A New Approach...

I had put this blog in temporary storage with the thought of revamping it for future use.  That future is now...the present.  Rather than change the name, I believe its best to keep things as they, laughable but true.

The subject may change from time to time.  The skeptical view regarding UFOs will be the same...ironclad and resolute.  I've spent near a decade looking at cases and still conclude that there is nothing there.  That approach involved "deconstruction" and looking at individual pieces.

There...I coined my brand of UFO skeptical philosophy...deconstructionism.

Quick thoughts on previous cases discussed here:

Echo views have not changed and nothing new has been proffered to alter that view so it is a waste of valuable time to go in that direction. 

Oscar the above.

Minot interesting and complicated case, but the results lead to mis-identification and outright fabrication by outside sources.  The participants in the case appear truthful, but lacking of proof.  It's an example of a "good" investigation under circumstances, but a lackadaisical follow-up effort by Project Blue Book.  But in the end this case brings us no closer to resolving the questions of UFOs observing US ICBMs.  A waste of time, in my opinion.

This blog will look at the more complicated issues regarding the psychological aspects of UFOs in general.  I make my living using observation as a tool set.  That my profession deals with behavior issues and the effects of cognitive functions due to neural assaults, this gives me great latitude to look at the UFO subject from a different direction.  

I'm a pragmatist by nature, viewing the world as it is in the present state, but understanding that "truth" may very well be so imbedded in the concept of relativism that mere discussions concerning UFOs even from the skeptical point of view become totally useless.

I hope to have new blog postings soon. We shall see how this new approach works.  Comments will always be welcome, but I don't view comments as a benchmark for judging the success of a blog.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's a wrap...for now.

This looks like the end for this blog...for now.  Frankly I've run out of interest and energy so it would seem that the only reasonable thing to do is put this blog in "mothball" status.  I'll leave the site up for those new comers to read and either enjoy or curse my musings.

I'll obviously keep the option open to reactivate this site should other things develop that warrant any ramblings from me.

I've enjoyed this blog and am quite please with its accomplishments.  It has far exceeded my original intentions.

I want to take this opportunity to thanks those who have supported my efforts:

James Carlson...the true all knowing expert on the Malmstrom UFO mythology...I was merely his technical advisor.

Tim Printy...this man inspired me with his research discipline...Tim's RB-47 UFO efforts still awe me to this very day.  If not the gold standard, then pretty darn close.

I've a particular project that I'm in the initial stage of working through.  It has nothing to do with UFOs, but will delve into the psychological make up of command decisions during the American Civil War.  I've wanting to do this for ten years now so its either now or never.

So it's now good bye and a gratifying thank you.