Wednesday, June 28, 2017

David Schindele "It Never Happened"

Retired Air Force officer David Schindele has recently published a book, "It Never Happened."  Mr. Schindele was a Minuteman launch officer assigned to Minot AFB, ND back in the late 1960s. [1965-1968]

Based on the available information, Schindele was on alert at a site near Mohall, ND when a "flying object" took down all ten of his Minuteman I missiles.  I'm assuming that all ten sorties dropped into LF No-Go mode.  This may have happened in December 1966 based on a local Minot newspaper story or later in 1967.

After the encounter, Air Force officials allegedly told Schindele that the incident "Never Happened" and that he was to speak of this no further.  According to Schindele, he did just that, keeping his silence for well over 50 years.

Is this the same incident that the late David Schuur reported while on alert at a Minot site back in the late 1960s?  I wrote a blog post back in 2010 looking into Schuur's story.

Project Blue Book does appear to list an investigation corresponding to a March 5, 1967 incident in and around Minot AFB, but received reports of a UFO sighting near Mohall, ND and Velva, ND from local policemen on March 2, 1967.  The object in question appeared to be moving east to west. 

I'll attempt to purchase Mr. Schindele's book and review its contents with a follow-on write up on this blog.

Note:  Mr. Schindele's book is listed on Amazon here.


  1. Another incident that "never happened". Why do you think these guys like to wait 50-years before they mention it to anybody? Or maybe they figure that if the Commander-in-Chief gets to make up a whole new set of facts to describe an incident that occurred just a few months ago, that privilege probably takes about 50-years before it filters down to the O4's and the O5's. Those guys are so cute. I can't wait until Stephen King starts writing out the history books for my kids' junior high classes. Maybe then the little buggers will show some interest.

  2. In the previous message, "buggers" should read "Ruggers". My kids are very sensitive.

  3. But in the Grand Scheme of Things, they're pretty good kids.

  4. Todd (lol, I now who you are),

    I've yet to get a hold of Schindele's book. I've been busy with other wife's father passed and his funereal is next week so I'll be traveling.

    Yes, its certainly odd that Schindele would wait all of 50 years to reveal his story. Still awaiting all of those Malmstrom extras to come forth for Echo and Oscar. BTW, King did writer a "history" book..."11/22/63." IMHO, his best book to date.

  5. I'm very sorry to hear about your father-in-law passing. While grief is necessary and is generally a healthy part of life, from personal experience I know that too much can be a great burden, so I hope nobody in your family falls into that trap; it can be long and deep and it's often hard to climb out of it without help. I suspect you and your family stick together, and that's the important thing.