Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Paradigm Shift for this Blog?

If you noticed, I'm gradually shifting the blog postings away from the UFO topic.  UFOs tend to bore me at this point.  Its a waste of time both personally and intellectual-wise.  That's not to mean that I view the endeavors of others as a waste of time...that's their choice, but for me it's a distraction.

The UFO enigma, from a psychological point of view, provides no compelling answers for human development, the ecosystem, economical theories, and political governmental policies.

I'm an observer of the human mind and it's idiosyncrasies.  We as humans are a fascinating lot, both when healthy and when in the clutches of diseases and syndromes.  That's my job, my profession, to observe behaviors and to render help to the best of my ability.

The brain is a most fascinating organ.  It functions like a computer syphoning data from our eyes, ears, nose, and taste buds providing a complex map of how we view our external environment.  Yet, unlike a computer, the brain's "operating system" is vague and open to many interpretations...what is the basis for consciousness?

As complex as the brain, it's not a stand alone organ.  The moment the heart stops beating and circulation is interrupted we lose consciousness.  Restore circulation within a specific period of time, consciousness is restored.  I'm simplifying it, because there are numerous issues that could occur with brain functionality, but never the less, consciousness can be restored.

Metabolic imbalances and pathogens effect the functions of the brain resulting in altered states of consciousness in the form of deliriums.  But altered states does not wipe out entirely one's consciousness.  It continues to exist and functions even in a disadvantaged state.

The human body is a system that functions on a wellness continuum that seeks to maintain equilibrium via homeostasis.  This is where all of the physiological systems function in harmony and balance.

The human body is a compensatory system that automatically [involuntary response] compensates for any changes affecting homeostasis.  During a cardiac event [heart attack] where blood supply to the heart muscles is disrupted, peripheral blood vessels instantly constrict in the attempt to divert blood flow back to the heart.

The kidneys filtrates and monitors the quantity of red blood cells releasing a hormone that stimulates our bone marrow to produce more red blood cells if needed.  All of this happening without you ever knowing it.

The list goes on as far as a compensatory system, but the overall crux is that all of these involuntary actions lead to one important thing...protecting the functionality of the brain.  The body will sacrifice every other organ system with the final goal of protecting the brain.

I don't need to marvel at an enigma that has no material or philosophical meaning, when we as humans and all other living species are a marvel in their own right. 


  1. Tim - check out my free pdf on mind-body transformation training - lots of images - 20 years of research - from ufo research to alchemy sonofusion - quantum biology research.

    more details on my blog

    drew hempel

  2. Drew,

    Nice to see that your still around. Last I read of you was commenting on the Paracast forum some years back.

    I'm heading in a slightly different area. Some of it relevant from my work with dementia patients. But I've a hypothesis that I'm formulating, but no one has original thoughts anymore so I'm researching...a meta search to see if it's been approached before.

    I'll take a look at your sight and get back to you.

  3. "I don't need to marvel at an enigma that has no material or philosophical meaning, when we as humans and all other living species are a marvel in their own right."

    Well said!! Now if you can just convince folks that humans were bright enough to build the Pyramids and Stonehenge, you'll truly own the night!

    Rah, rah!! Yaayy, humans!! Boom-chugga-boom-boom!