Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A New Approach...

I had put this blog in temporary storage with the thought of revamping it for future use.  That future is now...the present.  Rather than change the name, I believe its best to keep things as they, laughable but true.

The subject may change from time to time.  The skeptical view regarding UFOs will be the same...ironclad and resolute.  I've spent near a decade looking at cases and still conclude that there is nothing there.  That approach involved "deconstruction" and looking at individual pieces.

There...I coined my brand of UFO skeptical philosophy...deconstructionism.

Quick thoughts on previous cases discussed here:

Echo views have not changed and nothing new has been proffered to alter that view so it is a waste of valuable time to go in that direction. 

Oscar the above.

Minot interesting and complicated case, but the results lead to mis-identification and outright fabrication by outside sources.  The participants in the case appear truthful, but lacking of proof.  It's an example of a "good" investigation under circumstances, but a lackadaisical follow-up effort by Project Blue Book.  But in the end this case brings us no closer to resolving the questions of UFOs observing US ICBMs.  A waste of time, in my opinion.

This blog will look at the more complicated issues regarding the psychological aspects of UFOs in general.  I make my living using observation as a tool set.  That my profession deals with behavior issues and the effects of cognitive functions due to neural assaults, this gives me great latitude to look at the UFO subject from a different direction.  

I'm a pragmatist by nature, viewing the world as it is in the present state, but understanding that "truth" may very well be so imbedded in the concept of relativism that mere discussions concerning UFOs even from the skeptical point of view become totally useless.

I hope to have new blog postings soon. We shall see how this new approach works.  Comments will always be welcome, but I don't view comments as a benchmark for judging the success of a blog.


  1. > This blog will look at the more complicated issues regarding the psychological aspects of UFOs in general.

    I look forward to it.

    I haven't read much UFO material lately, but medical and scientific work that bears on it. As my main interest is the Hill case, I have been slowly ploughing through hypnotherapy books from the Simon-Hill era, as well as more recent evaluations of such things as trauma, amnesia, repression, etc.

    Spoiler: reading this material, it's pretty clear why abduction proponents do not cite it -- if they look at it at all.

  2. Terry, thanks for the comment. I've a peer review article that I'll link to here shortly that ties in the alien abduction stories with past actions of those who persecuted witches via the Inquisition and other religious bouts of hysteria.

    I provided it to Rich Reynolds, the link, but never heard back, so I'll work into this blog.

  3. I unbookmarked your blog after reading your "so long for now" post figuring you'd moved on and likely would never look back.

    A thought about your old blog just popped into my head out of nowhere today, May 12, and I felt compelled to Google it to find it again. Don't really know why.

    Well . . . here you are! Sure seems like synchronicity to me (laughing my arse off over this), which I know you don't believe in. But then, here I am and here you are, so . . .

    Anyway, looking forward to what you will be offering up in the future. I always enjoyed reading your posts.

  4. Your very kind PG. I kind of left things conditional with the "wrap up" post. We shall all see how this blog develops, but I don't want it all to be about UFOs. The subject bores at times, at least for me. But I do thank you for visiting from time to time.

  5. Hello Tim,

    Good news! I then will look forward.

    Bonne continuation!


  6. Gilles, thank you. Your future inputs will be greatly needed and appreciated.