Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's a wrap...for now.

This looks like the end for this blog...for now.  Frankly I've run out of interest and energy so it would seem that the only reasonable thing to do is put this blog in "mothball" status.  I'll leave the site up for those new comers to read and either enjoy or curse my musings.

I'll obviously keep the option open to reactivate this site should other things develop that warrant any ramblings from me.

I've enjoyed this blog and am quite please with its accomplishments.  It has far exceeded my original intentions.

I want to take this opportunity to thanks those who have supported my efforts:

James Carlson...the true all knowing expert on the Malmstrom UFO mythology...I was merely his technical advisor.

Tim Printy...this man inspired me with his research discipline...Tim's RB-47 UFO efforts still awe me to this very day.  If not the gold standard, then pretty darn close.

I've a particular project that I'm in the initial stage of working through.  It has nothing to do with UFOs, but will delve into the psychological make up of command decisions during the American Civil War.  I've wanting to do this for ten years now so its either now or never.

So it's now good bye and a gratifying thank you.


  1. Mornin' Tim,

    Good luck to you and yours and all you do ...


  2. Frank,

    Thanks kindly. Most people don't know that you published/linked my very first post on The UFO Chronicles.

    I'll drop an email your way from time to time.