Friday, July 28, 2017

Interesting comments on my Sercy, Arkansas Titan II posts

Some years ago, I posted the sad story about the tragedy that occurred at the Titan II site located near Sercy, Arkansas back in 1965.  Site 373-4 was undergoing contractor work in the launch tube/silo when a flash fire occurred killing 53 civilians that were trapped in the enclosed structure.

I had asked the question if the site was "haunted" and over the years I've accumulated comments from those crew members that pulled alert at the site after the tragic event.

The post can be accessed here with the comments from those crew members.

I've also posted briefly on the explosion and subsequent destruction of the Titan II site [374-7] near Damascus, Arkansas which occurred on Sept 18, 1980.  The story and photos of the sites total destruction can be Googled.

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