Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Robert Salas stumbled upon four Malmstrom witnesses?

Thanks to James Carlson giving me a heads up on this topic.  Apparently in October, Robert Salas started a GoFundMe effort to raise $15K for the purpose of introducing four new witnesses to the soon to be 50 year anniversary of the Malmstrom 1967 UFO "incidents."


Per Salas:

"I am asking for your donations to help fund a press conference of four important witnesses to the 1967 Malmstrom AFB, Montana UFO/Missile shutdown incidents.  The press conference will be held at the National Press Club, Washington DC, and is scheduled for Thursday, March 16, 2017. 
 I am only doing this because I think it would make a difference in our quest for public disclosure of the UFO phenomenon. I think it is an opportune time to again present the Malmstrom UFO incidents to the public. I and other witnesses have briefly spoken of these incidents at prior press conferences. However, this one will focus only on the 1967 Malmstrom incidents. March 16, 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of the Echo Flight UFO incident, which preceded my UFO missile shut-down incident at Oscar Flight about 7 days later on March 24th. Importantly, Hillary Clinton, should she be elected President, has publicly committed to initiating an investigation of government records on the UFO phenomenon. Our presentation will press her to follow-through with that investigation. 
The Malmstrom UFO incidents are the most significant and verifiable incidents related to the nuclear weapons connection with UFOs. These highly credible witnesses who are scheduled to present were directly involved, and their testimonies will be supported by documentation. In addition, the intent and methods used to cover-up these incidents by government agencies will be presented in detail. 
Although press conferences such as this have been held in the past, it is important to emphasize that at this point in time that we have a potential President of the United States who has stated a willingness to validate this highly consequential phenomenon. 
If you contribute, I assure you your contribution will be important toward the cause of disclosure of this phenomenon and will be solely and effectively used to provide travel accommodations and expenses for the speakers. Having presented in many similar press conferences of this kind and co-organized one in 2010, I am experienced in organizing successful press conferences of this kind. You can be assured that any amount in excess of what is needed for the expense of this project, will be donated to a worthy non-profit organization engaged in disclosure projects. 
We would be very grateful for any and all contributions to support this timely campaign."

Sounds great!  Why trot out these four new witnesses in a circus-like atmosphere when a reasonable approach would be to post their names and statements/experience on a respectable internet site? 

I'm assuming that Salas will have them sign an affidavit which is par for the course so that the narrative is in line with the pro-UFO zeitgeist.

Problem with Salas' frame of thought is that Clinton lost the election and I see no Trump agenda for blowing the lid off for UFO disclosure as 60 million voters tend to be more worried about jobs.  We've effectively been probed for the last 8 years, but not by ET.  Disclosure tends to be a fantasy/luxury that gains delusional confabulations that's proportionate to the increase of one's discretionary income.

Salas has yet to come clean in any public forum about how the Oscar Flight story may have more of a sounder foundation based upon his undergoing hypnosis some decades back that revealed the "traumatic" events during the night in question. 

I had posted an article regarding the hypnosis angle:


That certainly puts a dent in one's credibility.  So I'll await the results and compelling stories that will be put forth coming this March of 2017.

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