Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Current State of Affairs: Roswell Linked Kodak Slides

I know, I'm back to the Kodak slides again,  I'll flog myself later today, which according to some clinical studies show that after awhile I should start to like it.

Since last week, numerous blogs and websites, mine included, have been a buzz with the unveiling of the alleged alien Kodak slides.  Following the uncovering of numerous depictions of the slides, visual analysis and comparisons have cast serious doubt regarding the subject depicted and its surrounding environment.

Some readers at Kevin Randle's and Rich Reynold's blog have now gone so far as to claim that the slides in question are either hoaxes or the representation of a severe form of congenital defect thus rendering the slide issue and the Roswell UFO claims/story as dead.

Interestingly, some UFO/ET buffs have surfaced embracing the slides as the real deal with the skeptics doing a piss poor job of debunking the product.  Frankly, I find it hard to believe that even the most die hardened slides proponent could muster any defense as to what is currently available for assessment.

Based on what has been presented for our viewing curiosity, I have to agree that the photos are a lot less to be desired and causes me to question the previous spent time and effort that it took to investigate the accuracy and veracity of the photos by Dew, Schimtt and Carey.  In other words, if this is an example of "scholarly" research then the current ongoing shit storm that is being heaped upon Dew, et al, is well deserved.

Currently, a quiet study by some of my skeptic friends is ongoing.  That is, quiet, without fanfare, analysis and comparisons is being looked into regarding what is currently available for study.

My good friend, Gilles Fernandez, is looking into various photos depicting a mummified corpse with the tentative intent to draw correlations.  He is getting a lot of flak, but it is an area of possibilities that must be looked at regardless of the opinions of his detractors.

As far as whether the Dew, Carey and Schimtt team should continue to hand off this carnival barking show to Maussan for the Mexico City showing scheduled for May 5th, I leave you with my personal take as I commented on Paul Kimball's "The Other Side of Truth".

Personally, I hope that Maussan fills all 10K of the seats. I want everyone to sit through hours worth of preliminary BS complete with all of the trappings Then when its time for the main attraction, I want to hear, in Spanish, English, broken English, the collective utterance..."what the hell?"

Sometimes people need to be fleeced and at the end of the day know that they've been fleeced, taken for a ride, no more than a collection of marks in a Roswell three card monty game. 

That is the only way that they will learn or understand that however long this dog and pony show last, it's time wasted, time that can never be reclaimed.

Besides if the Roswell group wants to metaphorically cut their own throats, who are we to stand in their way. We must politely allow them to oblige themselves.:)

Tim Hebert

Meanwhile, the drama will continue...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A needed course correction

For the past few days I've produce a couple of blog post that nibbled on the extreme edges of the Roswell saga in particular the slides issues.  That will be it for me for there are others that are better suited to dive into these issues both now and later.  

The issues of of the slides legitimacy will be established or ripped apart soon enough.  I'm betting the paper shredder route myself.  

Yet, this blog was not constructed for the likes of Roswell and I've strayed off of the path.

If you've read my comments in the last post, Roswell, or anything associated with it, is ufology's black hole and the best that one can hope for is to stay away from it's event horizon.

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here."  That should be plastered on anything Roswell.

So in the future, I'll correct course and return to poking and prodding various UFO case.  I've neglected the Minot story, so I'll continue on with it.  Sadly, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than Roswell and I miss bantering about with Tom Tulien.

There is also a couple of MUFON cases, all current, that look like good candidates to apply subjective/objective criteria and play around with tentative conclusions.

So, its on to the next...

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Holy Relics of Roswell

As of yesterday, Ufology was on the verge of canonizing a new saint, Bernerd Ray. The blessed Ray had descended from a holy mount, not holding two tablets, but possessing two photos. This precious gift would change the destiny of humanity...turn the cosmos on its eternal axis.  The truth was to be shown to the faithful.

Roaming a desolate desert, a prophet was calling out to the UFO faithful, "Rejoice...Rejoice...for the alien photos have arrived from on high"  "Do not ask questions of me for I am not worthy to reveal the truth...for I am a mere messenger."

So a path of self righteousness was set forth.  A path that leads to Mexico City.  And along this path towards salvation, the Roswell multitude had gathered...those who were blind and wish to see, to glimpse, to touch, to receive cure.

And it came to past that the blessed Ray had other photos in his gloried possession.  The blessed Ray was seen to be in the presence of the great Dwight Eisenhower.  Surely this bode well for the blessed Ray.  The great Eisenhower was a man of means, wisdom, knowledge capable and willing to reveal great secrets.  Both Eisenhower and Ray had been blessed and spiritually linked for both played the game of golf...surely good things would come from this union.

"Rejoice...Rejoice...for the alien photos have arrived from on high!"  "Do not ask questions of me for I am not worthy to reveal the truth."

Wise men dropped to their knees for they were amazed.  "Surely if the blessed Ray was in the inner court of the great Eisenhower and the blessed Ray was an esteem geologist then knowledge would be passed of the mythical land of Aztec."  These wise men then set forth to the desolate lands of New Mexico.

Yet woefully these wise men were deceived.  The curse of Roswell had lured them to their potential doom.  The photos were a mirage...a false idol.  The blessed Ray was not counted among the court of Eisenhower.  The wise men were left to tear at their garments in utter despair.

In a distant land, a caravan slowly proceeds along the path of self righteousness that leads to Mexico City.  The throngs of the faithful, the multitude, pay homage to the holy relics. They rejoice, they cry, for salvation is to come.  Yet in the distance, the wise men cry.

 "Rejoice...Rejoice...for the alien photos have arrived from on high!"  "Do not ask questions of me for I am not worthy to reveal the truth."

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Alien Slides Show Extravaganza Gets Interesting

Thanks to the efforts of Tim Printy and Lance Moody, we might, and I stress, we might have an image of one of the alien slide photos that's due to be released to the public this coming May 5th in Mexico City.

Provided by Tim Printy and Lance Moody
What can be made from this photo, assuming that this is the real deal?  Not really much, as congenital defects could have cause this appearance on a human infant...hydrocephalus comes to mind causing increased cranial pressure.

From a psychological point of view, the image matches up perfectly to what we have been conditioned to for the past decades as to what an "alien" should look like. Seriously, do we really know what ET is supposed to look like?  The reported past descriptions ranges from tall white angelic figures, reptilian, to what we see in the photo.

So we don't really know what an ET is supposed to look like, other than what we are told, but we do know that congenital defects and cranio/neurological issues correspond well to the photo at hand, assuming that this is indeed one of the slide photos.

Here is the hitch with the photos, in my opinion.  The two slides are supposedly produced on Kodak film manufactured in 1947.  I'm led to believe by reading Tony Bragalia's piece on Kevin Randle's blog that this is conclusive evidence that alien bodies were recovered from the alleged UFO crash at Roswell, NM back in the first week of July, 1947.

The photos would have to be pinpointed as actually being taken during that week and on location in the Roswell area for this story to continue to gain any future traction.  As the old real estate mantra goes, "it's location, location, location."  A tall, if not astronomical hurdle to jump. 

I've attempted to ask on numerous occasions if statistical data will be presented showing that Kodak film stock was used by buyers soon after purchase.  This seems to be one of the theories bantered about by those stating that the slides are the real deal.  If this could be shown to be true, from a statistical position, then this would add some degree of credence, but as of yet, I've not gotten any replies.  I would imagine that Kodak did marketing analysis on how long a product sat on the shelf in locations such as Roswell (surrounding area) prior to being purchased.

Then, after all of the above is accomplished, we're still left with the "money" question, "Is this truly the photo of a real alien entity?"

What if the above photo is not one of the two being unveiled on May 5th?  All of the above still applies.  The shark tank must still be jumped.

The story gets interesting by the day...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Alien Slides Supposedly Linked to the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash.

This UFO tease has been out on the web for a little over a year.  Generally I shy away from Roswell discussions due to the muddied water effect that has accumulated over the past decade rendering any understanding of the case as a gross exercise in futility that leads to an unhealthy trip towards the realm of obsession.

Tony Bragalia has posted on Kevin Randle's blog, "A Different Prospective", an article stating that slides purported to be that of extraterrestrial aliens will be unveiled in Mexico City on May 5, 2015.  The slides supposedly will show humanoid bodies that were recovered from a crashed UFO near Roswell back in 1947.  The Roswell case is well known so I'll not go into any details.

Tony is of the opinion that the slides have a definite link to Roswell.  He provides background as to how the slides surfaced...that in itself is interesting and raises some questions concerning authenticity.  The slides are said to have been produced from vintage 1947 Kodak film...this has also raised numerous questions concerning authenticity.

As far as my take on this issue, I'll await the big unveiling later in May.  I see no need to render an opinion based on something that I've not seen.  That's not to mean that others have withheld their opinions and speculations as a quick look at the comment sections on Randle's blog and Rich Reynold's "UFO Conjectures" shows a varied range of such.

The only questions that I have is why Mexico City was chosen?  What's the significance of this venue?  Roswell is a slice of Americana folklore and it appears to be like everything else...out sourced to a foreign landscape. 

Update:  Reading my emails, Brit, Christopher Allan, pretty much nails it...the slides must definitively show that the photos were taken during the first week of July 1947, otherwise it proves nothing.

Reading the comment section of Kevin Randle's blog, it appears that the best that can be said of the slides is that they where imaged using 1947 Kodak stock.  It is extremely doubtful that the slides will be pinpointed to a specific date in 1947.  The theory being proffered by the slide proponents is that most people would have used up the film within weeks or months after purchase...I've seen no supporting statistics to bear this out.