Monday, June 22, 2015

Triggering one's memory with music...

I always find that music will trigger a memory, a fixed point in time.  I have a tendency to associate a particular song to a particular person or event.  Case in point, I met my wife Jean during my senior year in college and associate her with The Cars "Just What I Needed."  BTW, I've never told her this, but when I hear this song on the radio or play it in my CD player, I drift back to 1979 and 1980.

During my first year on crew stationed at Malmstrom AFB, I was a single 2nd lieutenant as  Jean and I would not be married for well over another year as she was finishing her last year in college.  I remember one particular evening, a Friday, back in 1981 where I was packing my "alert" bag for a Saturday alert with my crew commander T.J. McLaughlin.  All of my friends were heading out to the local night spots. Yes Great Falls had a few back then, but there I was in my apartment packing my bag (cold weather gear and Tech Orders).  I probably was prepping to head out to November Flight as that was where we were assigned as crew R 136. 

About my T.O., I was probably making sure that I had the latest change orders posted as I recall that I had recently got nabbed by Stand Eval for not posting the latest changes. I believe that I received a "letter of counseling" from my squadron CO...par for the course for many of us pulling SAC alerts in those days.

While getting things in order and being miffed that I'd have to forgo the evening frolicking with friends, on the radio was Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend." There I was on a Friday night getting ready for work and here was Loverboy singing about the opposite...everybody was working for the weekend and I was working on the weekend.

Every time I hear "Working for the Weekend" I'm always reminded of that long ago Friday night.

Here is Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend"...

Oh, and here is The Cars "Just What I Needed" jogging those college memories of my wife, then girl friend...


  1. > Lover Boy [should be Loverboy, one word]

    Reagan allowed Canadian music on a US military base? How open-minded. I will have to re-evaluate my opinion of him.

  2. Damn it Terry, must you Canadians nitpick me for everything?:)

    Thanks for the edit check. I've made the changes.

    BTW, we allowed Canadians to actually work on base (NORAD unit) and...and...we allowed the Canadian Air Force to land their aircraft on the base, but the music was probably an oversight by our government:)

    Nice to see you drop by!