Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Resurrection of National Geographic Channel? Let us hope so.

National Geographic Channel

Stumbled across National Geographic's "American Genius" last night.  It was by pure accident and all that I could do was stammer out a "hello?"

Last night's premier episode featured the rival of the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss.  It was informative and spot on.  We tend to forget that we went from crude power flight in 1903 to launching satellites in the late 1950s.  But what was interesting is the Wright brothers refusal to team with Curtiss early on.  Curtiss had proposed that he supply the Wright brothers with his engines.  Orville and Wilbur turned Curtiss down and had a patent approved for their design that stymied the competition and lead to a long protracted legal battle with Curtiss. Even Henry Ford attempted to come to Curtiss' rescue by supplying his legal staff to assist with the legal issues.

The irony was that long after the deaths of both Wrights and Curtiss, their respective companies would merge forming Curtiss-Wright.

This episode had value for the hour long program.  Well done with decent period props.  I personally enjoyed it as well did my wife.  Supposedly more episodes will be aired each week highlighting individual advancements in science and technology along with the rivalry from competitors. 

Could this finally be National Geographic coming to their senses and providing real informative and interesting programming?  Let's hope so.



  1. Hi Tim,

    I hope your review is a sign of future times for NG.

    On the other hand, the Gilmore family is most likely upset for the omission of their infamous family patriarch:

    Lyman Gilmore: an aviation pioneer that history almost forgot


  2. Ufodebunker, thanks for the edit check (which I failed to do). I've made the corrections as well as spelling his first name correctly...Glenn vs that of Glen.



  3. I used to live near a Curtiss Wright plant here in NJ. I like your spelling better but I knew it was wrong. Sorry for the nitpick LOL I enjoy hearing about your missile command and controlcexpertise and the Robert Salas rebuttals.Guess I was getting bored. I am an engineer so I enjoy the technical discussion!