Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A little something to help with the Roswell blues...for those that need it.

Here is a little something extra for all of us that have been banging our heads since the 5th of May.  We're getting into the summer months and the weather is nice for most of us and this time of year brings back memories.

War, the Latin/funk/soul band out of Long Beach, CA, produced a great little song back in 1971, "All Day Music."  The melody and lyrics are soothing to listen to.  Close your eyes and drift away with the music.


Tell me what you think...


  1. 1971 was a great time for some incredible music. Check out the Allman Bros Live at the Filmore East. What a band! After the deaths of Duane All man and Berry Oakley it was never the same.

    Best Regards!

  2. Roughly about this time frame, my mother had given me for my birthday, Chicago's live album (4 vinyl LP set) from Carnegie Hall, plus Grand Funk's live album (1969). Mark Farmer's guitar play on "Heartbreaker" is a classic.

    Yes, I enjoyed the Allman Bros as well.