Saturday, June 13, 2015

The final stake through the heart...Shepherd Johnson

This it for sure. In truth this has been a dead story since the night of May 5th, but we know how these things take on a life of it's own.   I'll guide everyone over to Curt Collins blog for the details.  Kevin Randle has provided a post as well.

Great job Shepherd Johnson!  And a pox on all of those that attempted to make up a bullshit story and profit from it.


  1. Agree 100% Tim. I contend that every person that stood on that stage in Mexico City knew this to be fraudulent prior to the event.

    The Hitler Diaries hoaxers each received three years in prison. I believe if just one of these Sliders gets hauled in by law enforcement, he will sing like a canary, implicated all of them in this fraud. Probably too much to hope for, though. Nonetheless, it should happen.

  2. Tom, appreciate the comment. The question now is who will get the reward that was offered by Jaime Maussan? Shepherd deserves it, but from what I'm hearing AJB may be in the running. If Maussan gives one f-king dime to AJB, then the farce continues. Tony deserves nothing from this as he was the biggest promoter of this carnival show. He was the chief propagandist. Tony said it was Roswell related and that we would all be eating crow. Tony accused others of hacking his computer, as well as slandered Paul Kimball and Tim Printy.

  3. Tim, I also find it astounding that AJB sent all this information to Kevin Randle about his supposed research about the Mesa Verde Museum, only a couple of hours after you guys published the deblurred placard. I believe he had this information long before that.