Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Malmstrom Trinity

As the title states, three Malmstrom cases make up what I call the Malmstrom Trinity revolving around two well known UFO stories and one lesser known sighting that occurred within one week of each other in March of 1967.

We all know, or should by now, about the Echo Flight incident that occurred on the morning of March 16, 1967.  Yes, and I'll keep trumpeting this until I'm hoarse...all ten missiles dropped off of alert status due to an anomaly that occurred at the Launch Control Center not because a UFO was screwing around the flight area...but I digress.

Oscar Flight, did happen, then this would have occurred in the time frame of the early morning hours of March 24/25, 1967.  Please review my last post and the post previous to that one.  I stand steadfast with my opinion on this one.  No UFO....

Now for the third member of the trinity...the Belt, Mt, UFO sighting that occurred on 24 March 1967.  Basically a truck driver, Kenneth Williams, was travelling from Laurel, Mt to Great Falls, Mt and saw bright light/object in the sky to the west of his location outside of Belt, Mt.  This was also a Blue Book investigation.

I say above that the Belt sighting is lesser known only in the context of the other two which overshadowed it.  Yet, well known and covered by the local media.  

So PBB would investigate a mundane sighting from a truck driver and highway patrolman, but didn't find the time or make the effort for Echo and Oscar...this should tell you something.

I've been meaning for the past few years to provide a write up on this case.  I plan to rectify this within the next few weeks...

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