Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Bought a Copy of UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed

I purchased and viewed Robert Hastings' documentary "UFOs and Nukes:  The Secret Link Revealed."  Notice that I "purchased" a copy, not rented for $4.99, but bought my own personal copy for $9.99.  I've been working long hours and can afford it.  

So we can dispense with this pouting nonsense that skeptics are so financially tight or fearful of our "weak and untenable arguments" that we would refuse to look at Hastings' film using the excuse of having to cough up a five spot.  I went the extra mile and shelled out ten bucks.

Why buy vs. rent?  Simply that I wanted to have a copy of my own so that I could take a reasonable amount of time reviewing it, plus having the luxury to use it as potential reference material at later dates.

As of this current time, I've viewed the film once and plan on viewing the film numerous times going over each segment in detail.

Content is one thing.  I'm also interested in presentation.  Does Hastings' film exceeds others from a production standpoint.  Of course based on the past UFO garbage offered on the numerous cable channels, the hurdle is very low.

I hope to have a critical review up within the next few days.  I need to view the film a few times to give it's proper due.  I've devised a list of criteria for grading the presentation and content of the film. 


  1. Hey, Tim! Why don't you make a torrent of it? Then we can all laugh it up!

    If Hastings wants my comments on it, he can pay me $499 for my honest analysis. Really! $999 gets me LIVE!

    I've already given him a freebee: How do visiting ET spacecraft evade global surveillance?

    And please, no defaulting to a worldwide conspiracy.

  2. Hey Zoam,

    I provided a free of charge review that I posted yesterday on this blog. I personally thought it a fair commentary...others may disagree.

    Honestly, his production crew did a decent job, but it's the content...nothing new...lipstick on pig. But the "faithful" will like it.

    I'm waiting for the North Koreans to start blaming UFOs for screwing with their missiles...based on the N. Koreans' retirement plan (bullet to the head), I sure as hell would start blaming it on those "capitalistic/imperialistic dogs of UFOs"

  3. Yeah, I've just been reading it. Thanks!