Thursday, September 1, 2016

Robert Hastings questions the silence from the "debunkers/skeptics"

Robert Scheaffer sent me and others an email regarding Robert Hastings' boasting that his documentary has garnered high praise from the general public, but total silence from the debunkers and skeptics.

Robert Hastings' article hosted on the  "My UFOs and Nukes Documentary:  The Debunkers Remain Oddly Silent."


Several of the U.S. veterans say that UFOs have repeatedly hovered over American ICBMs, resulting in the missiles malfunctioning. Furthermore, Soviet UFO documents, secured by Western journalists in the 1990s, confirm that the Russians’ nuclear missiles were also monitored and even tampered with during the Cold War era. However, due to ongoing secrecy by both governments, the vast majority of people worldwide are completely unaware of these amazing, historic developments.

The film has been available online since April 12, 2016, and yet—as of this date—not one of the high-profile UFO debunkers has publicly commented on it. Oh, they all were vocal enough over the past two years, after I announced that my four-decade quest to interview U.S. military veterans about UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites would soon culminate in a documentary. Predictably, their comments ranged from dubious-to-scathing—about a film they hadn’t even seen. Now that it is finally available to view, there has not been even one peep from any of those guys. Why?

Why the silence?  I can't talk for others but for me it's rather simple.  Look at the entirety of this blog.  This blog was originally designed and built for the strict purpose to rebut Hastings, Salas and others who claimed that UFOs seriously affected the operations of our nation's ICBM forces.

 I believe that I've made a concise and coherent alternative theory(s) for others to consider.  I have this and two other blogs that go into painstaking detail providing a logical construct of what happened, or what did not happen, regarding Echo Flight and the alleged Oscar Flight story as proffered by Hastings and Salas.  The same can be said of other ICBM stories that Robert has pushed over the past 6 to 7 years.

There has been nothing new that has surfaced that would change my mind.   I've asked Robert Hastings to look at my analysis and findings.  What did I get?  Silence...ironically the very silence that now seems to perplex him regarding his documentary.

Hastings' 150 former military members?  What of the silence of the tens of thousands of us who pulled nuclear alerts over the span of 5 decades?  The silence of that multitude is deafening.

Question to Robert Hastings:  Who was your targeted audience?  The general public or the skeptics.

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