Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Current State of Affairs: Roswell Linked Kodak Slides

I know, I'm back to the Kodak slides again,  I'll flog myself later today, which according to some clinical studies show that after awhile I should start to like it.

Since last week, numerous blogs and websites, mine included, have been a buzz with the unveiling of the alleged alien Kodak slides.  Following the uncovering of numerous depictions of the slides, visual analysis and comparisons have cast serious doubt regarding the subject depicted and its surrounding environment.

Some readers at Kevin Randle's and Rich Reynold's blog have now gone so far as to claim that the slides in question are either hoaxes or the representation of a severe form of congenital defect thus rendering the slide issue and the Roswell UFO claims/story as dead.

Interestingly, some UFO/ET buffs have surfaced embracing the slides as the real deal with the skeptics doing a piss poor job of debunking the product.  Frankly, I find it hard to believe that even the most die hardened slides proponent could muster any defense as to what is currently available for assessment.

Based on what has been presented for our viewing curiosity, I have to agree that the photos are a lot less to be desired and causes me to question the previous spent time and effort that it took to investigate the accuracy and veracity of the photos by Dew, Schimtt and Carey.  In other words, if this is an example of "scholarly" research then the current ongoing shit storm that is being heaped upon Dew, et al, is well deserved.

Currently, a quiet study by some of my skeptic friends is ongoing.  That is, quiet, without fanfare, analysis and comparisons is being looked into regarding what is currently available for study.

My good friend, Gilles Fernandez, is looking into various photos depicting a mummified corpse with the tentative intent to draw correlations.  He is getting a lot of flak, but it is an area of possibilities that must be looked at regardless of the opinions of his detractors.

As far as whether the Dew, Carey and Schimtt team should continue to hand off this carnival barking show to Maussan for the Mexico City showing scheduled for May 5th, I leave you with my personal take as I commented on Paul Kimball's "The Other Side of Truth".

Personally, I hope that Maussan fills all 10K of the seats. I want everyone to sit through hours worth of preliminary BS complete with all of the trappings Then when its time for the main attraction, I want to hear, in Spanish, English, broken English, the collective utterance..."what the hell?"

Sometimes people need to be fleeced and at the end of the day know that they've been fleeced, taken for a ride, no more than a collection of marks in a Roswell three card monty game. 

That is the only way that they will learn or understand that however long this dog and pony show last, it's time wasted, time that can never be reclaimed.

Besides if the Roswell group wants to metaphorically cut their own throats, who are we to stand in their way. We must politely allow them to oblige themselves.:)

Tim Hebert

Meanwhile, the drama will continue...


  1. Hi Tim:

    If it is true what you say why do you waste your time discussing it?

    Kind regards, Tom

  2. Hi Tom,

    Sorry with the very late reply as I've been busy with work and other obligations.

    As far as your question, I'm afraid that it's merely a compulsion on my part and hopefully I'll be able to avoid it in the future. But you have to admit that its an interesting story despite all the noise being generated.

    It is good to hear from you and hope that all is well with you and yours. I have something coming soon concerning Minot and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter.


  3. Despite my determination not to waste another minute of time on the slides carnival I, too, find myself drawn in occasionally. Gotta admit, watching a group of Ufologists with unbridled greed and questionable intelligence engage in self-immolation is grimly fascinating.

  4. Hi Tim:

    Well, it's the next dog and pony show. Course we know how this will play out as it has over and over again even before I was a thought in my parents mind. I suppose I refuse to adjust to a reality in which a majority of people can have their dreams fulfilled watching a celebrity exit a restaurant, but sobeit. There is no upside to any of this other than how the promoters will benefit.

    mas minot! Tom

  5. PG, hope you don't mind but I removed one of the duplicate comments of yours.

    I do agree with the idea of being fascinated by a potential train wreck which we can all watch in real time. At least on the face of it that's how I personally view it, but we'll have to wait and see what happens on May 5th.

    1. No problem. I think I submitted the comment twice. Itchy trigger finger.

    2. No problem. I think I submitted the comment twice. Itchy trigger finger.

  6. Tom,

    Back to Minot for me. The Minot case makes a hell of a lot more sense than the Roswell slides. Anyways, I believe that I will look at Oscar 6 and 7, then attempt to get into the aircrew sightings and radio transmissions. I'm looking forward to it.

    Kind regards,