Saturday, February 7, 2015

A needed course correction

For the past few days I've produce a couple of blog post that nibbled on the extreme edges of the Roswell saga in particular the slides issues.  That will be it for me for there are others that are better suited to dive into these issues both now and later.  

The issues of of the slides legitimacy will be established or ripped apart soon enough.  I'm betting the paper shredder route myself.  

Yet, this blog was not constructed for the likes of Roswell and I've strayed off of the path.

If you've read my comments in the last post, Roswell, or anything associated with it, is ufology's black hole and the best that one can hope for is to stay away from it's event horizon.

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here."  That should be plastered on anything Roswell.

So in the future, I'll correct course and return to poking and prodding various UFO case.  I've neglected the Minot story, so I'll continue on with it.  Sadly, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than Roswell and I miss bantering about with Tom Tulien.

There is also a couple of MUFON cases, all current, that look like good candidates to apply subjective/objective criteria and play around with tentative conclusions.

So, its on to the next...


  1. I appreciate the diverse opinions on the slides matter.

    It seems 96.7% of UFO bloggers and commenters (math that exists in my head and nowhere else) are very, very, very suspicious of the claims. This is highly unusual. It is shaping up as an excellent case study of "pushing it too far."

  2. Terry, I'm in total agreement with you. But I'm going to let those who are better qualified than I rip the story. That does not mean that I'm not interested, because I love the psychological impact that has ensued. It's the psychology and the reaction of everyone that sparks interest. This will be a case study in the psychological aspect of the UFO culture. And this appears to be shaping up to be a gold mine in that area.

  3. > I love the psychological impact

    Perhaps my favourite part of following UFOs: observing the buffs.

  4. You've got to slow down, Tim - I'm still laughing about the alien head popping off!

  5. James, I believe that the box did say "some assembly required."

    Good to hear from you, what have you been doing lately?

  6. Today I'm learning to type on a telephone. This is surely proof that our advanced technology must have originated within another star system. After all, I could barely learn to type on a typewriter. The damn things don't have an eraser anywhere! I suspect David Icke had something witth it. Without our pink rubber erasers, our civilization is ripe for the picking by the lizard creatures of Ribald IV.

  7. Good luck with that. Last year my wife bought me a smart phone...the phone is smart, but there is doubt still about my abilities.:)