Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Alien Slides Show Extravaganza Gets Interesting

Thanks to the efforts of Tim Printy and Lance Moody, we might, and I stress, we might have an image of one of the alien slide photos that's due to be released to the public this coming May 5th in Mexico City.

Provided by Tim Printy and Lance Moody
What can be made from this photo, assuming that this is the real deal?  Not really much, as congenital defects could have cause this appearance on a human infant...hydrocephalus comes to mind causing increased cranial pressure.

From a psychological point of view, the image matches up perfectly to what we have been conditioned to for the past decades as to what an "alien" should look like. Seriously, do we really know what ET is supposed to look like?  The reported past descriptions ranges from tall white angelic figures, reptilian, to what we see in the photo.

So we don't really know what an ET is supposed to look like, other than what we are told, but we do know that congenital defects and cranio/neurological issues correspond well to the photo at hand, assuming that this is indeed one of the slide photos.

Here is the hitch with the photos, in my opinion.  The two slides are supposedly produced on Kodak film manufactured in 1947.  I'm led to believe by reading Tony Bragalia's piece on Kevin Randle's blog that this is conclusive evidence that alien bodies were recovered from the alleged UFO crash at Roswell, NM back in the first week of July, 1947.

The photos would have to be pinpointed as actually being taken during that week and on location in the Roswell area for this story to continue to gain any future traction.  As the old real estate mantra goes, "it's location, location, location."  A tall, if not astronomical hurdle to jump. 

I've attempted to ask on numerous occasions if statistical data will be presented showing that Kodak film stock was used by buyers soon after purchase.  This seems to be one of the theories bantered about by those stating that the slides are the real deal.  If this could be shown to be true, from a statistical position, then this would add some degree of credence, but as of yet, I've not gotten any replies.  I would imagine that Kodak did marketing analysis on how long a product sat on the shelf in locations such as Roswell (surrounding area) prior to being purchased.

Then, after all of the above is accomplished, we're still left with the "money" question, "Is this truly the photo of a real alien entity?"

What if the above photo is not one of the two being unveiled on May 5th?  All of the above still applies.  The shark tank must still be jumped.

The story gets interesting by the day...


  1. Hey Tim H!

    RR's blog has just been rolled back to January 31. It could be a technical problem but I doubt it. Anyway, I had posted this there and wanted you to see it:

    "Hell, Rich was mentally hauling it to Aztec, NM, because if Ray was in with IKE then surely Ike would let him have a peek at secretly stowed away aliens whether alive, on ice, or pickled.

    "Rich, this story already smells to high hell and this traveling road show has yet to hit the outskirts of Mexico City.

    "We, skeptics and dumb ass believers are being played."

    I love this guy!

    Exactly, Tim H. We don't know that ANY of it is real.

    Unsourced pictures of a president, some people, a dead "alien," all mashed together with common KODACHROME slide frames and a cock and bull story that attaches it all to the preexisting "crashed saucer and alien bodies" mythology.

    There's not one bit of evidence that any of it is even real--much less that the story gluing this mashup all together contains even a mote of truth.

    We're where we were on this BS story two years ago and it ain't getting any better! And considering the sources, it's not about to.


    Funny stuff, Tim!

    Best, ZO

  2. Tim, that image comes from the trailer to the slides documentary. It is not an alien image (all shots of the slides in the trailer are blurred), it is a computer reconstruction of the alien, based on the slides.

    That is an enormous head relative to the neck. The researchers claim the head was severed from the body; I wonder if it just didn't snap off!

  3. Zoam,

    I couldn't believe that Rich was trying to connect the dots (mythical dots) that since Ray was photographed standing next to Eisenhower then this meant that Ray was in the know on all things alien. If this were true, then Ray's photograph of dead aliens supported the Aztec, NM story. Of course the wheels fell off that wagon when Tim Printy pointed out that the man near Eisenhower was Milton Eisenhower. Anything Roswell fosters total lunacy with no redemption in sight.

  4. Terry,

    Your probably right about the head image. Regardless of what images that will be produced on 5 May, one would still have to link the photos to a specific location to a specific time. Then comes the most difficult aspect: proving beyond a doubt that the photos show a real ET.

    Personally, they will not be able to do so...

    Rather than the head snapping off perhaps it came "unglued.":)