Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Kodak Slides: Did They Crash and Burn?

I had to work yesterday so I missed out on getting into the live feed.  I had hoped to take a peek, but earning an honest living took precedence.  Despite this, my friend, Gilles Fernandez was kind enough to post the actual photos as they were presented last night. Gilles ponied up the cash (exchange rate?) to watch this marathon.

Judging from the response of other blogs and sites, most being pro-ET, it appears that the Kodak slides have been met with a near collective "what the hell?"  I can only image those poor unfortunate souls squirming uncomfortably in their seats in the National Auditorium.  I further get the impression that those on the stage may have been squirming also.  If not, I suspect they will as the next few days unfold.

I only had access to the actual photos and 3-D imaging.  I have heard none of the assessments rendered by the so-called experts.  That should be soon coming in transcripts, or one would hope.

As a member of the Roswell Slides Group, I was able to give a preliminary assessment on the physical nature of the being in question both from an anatomical and physiological aspect.  Basically, I described what I saw and rendered a tempered yet objective assessment.  I also compared the Kodak specimen to that of what the group had as a photo of a child's mummy.

As I complete a more exact assessment and given permission by the group to do so, I will post it on this blog. 

Will Bragalia, Dew, Carey, Schmitt and Maussan wind up in ufology's witness protection program?

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