Monday, May 11, 2015

As they say in the mummy business, "That's a wrap." Last thoughts.

I wanted to post my last thoughts on the Kodak slides and then future post will get back to normal, but should something sensational crop up I'll post it.  But for me this should do it after a few closing thoughts.

As most know, I'm a member of the Roswell Slides Group and I was in the process of writing up a detailed comparative analysis study of the slide image vs. that of an actual mummy of a child.  With the deciphering of the placard, my work really became unnecessary as the efforts by others in the group nailed the image as that of a mummy specimen.  Rather than rendering an opinion, I was treated to a fascinated night as I observed in real time how it all came about.

As I write, I'm being informed by others in the group that Jaime Maussan is still discounting our efforts.  He is currently under the opinion that the placard's writing/text may be an attempt to hide the fact that what is on display is still a deceased humanoid-like ET alien mascarading as a child's mummy. Such is the will to believe or the will to cover one's ass. I'll leave the reader to make the distinctions.

Images provided by Gilles Fernandez

Since Maussan and others still hold out on an alien outcome, I'll share briefly my thoughts on my initial and subsequent assessments. With my experience in anatomy and physiology, there can be no question that the image is that of a mummified child.  The clearer photo, not the deceptive dark blue lighted image, provides the evidence.  If we omit the placard for the moment, strict observation shows what appears to be the remains of a child or adolescent of undetermined age lying in the supine position on a glass shelf.  The effects of desiccation, the drying and shrinkage of tissue, is evident as what remains of tissue forms a contour around the head/skull and the exposed long bones both upper and lower extremities.  The appearance of an over enlarged head/skull may be correct or a visual distortion based on the positioning of the head and the angle of the photo shot and the surrounding lighting.

A lot was made that the remains had no teeth.  True, no dental landmarks can be seen, but that does not mean that teeth were present or not.  Again, this all depended on the age of the child at death.  The same was said of the remains showing only four fingers on the right hand.  Based on the position of the right arm/wrist/hand the thumb was out of view, yet adjacent to the right index finger, or the thumb could have been curled up under the palm of the hand or the index finger.  

The clincher in the anatomy structure of the image was the rib cage structures.  Humans have 10 sets of ribs on either side that are prominent and being attached to the vertebral column and sternum  What can be seen on the groups comparison mummy is 9 ribs with the cervical ribs out of view. The image in the Kodak slide deceptively shows only 5 sets of ribs. One should note that each of the 5 ribs are wide vs. that of our comparison mummy.  What we are actually seeing is the lack of fine demarcation that is separating the ribs.  This can be attributed to attached tissues and desiccated muscle, ie, the intercostal  muscles.  Thus we actually have the normal set of 10 ribs. What is absent is the sternum.  This is consistent with the preparation of the body for mummification as the visceral organs are removed during the process.  You will note that both images show the results of this process.

The above should give pause to Maussan and others that still harbor hope that the image depicts something else other than human.  Add the deciphered text on the placard and the identification is complete.

As far as to what should befall those that fostered these images on the general public, I suggest that we leave it to the rank and file of ufology.  They are in a better position to exact whatever cost that should be placed on the reputations of those that conjured up this story.

I here that there is a movement to shame the promoters of the May 5th event into refunding the money of those that attended the event.  To this, I say caveat emptor.  As I stated a few months ago:

Personally, I hope that Maussan fills all 10K of the seats. I want everyone to sit through hours worth of preliminary BS complete with all of the trappings Then when its time for the main attraction, I want to hear, in Spanish, English, broken English, the collective utterance..."what the hell?"

Sometimes people need to be fleeced and at the end of the day know that they've been fleeced, taken for a ride, no more than a collection of marks in a Roswell three card monty game. 

That is the only way that they will learn or understand that however long this dog and pony show last, it's time wasted, time that can never be reclaimed.

Besides if the Roswell group wants to metaphorically cut their own throats, who are we to stand in their way. We must politely allow them to oblige themselves.

I have to say that prophecy has been fulfilled.  Let's hope that people are much wiser in the future.


  1. It is high time that the Roswell myth be put to bed and the NOT Roswell slides underscore the urgent need to do so!

  2. Nice piece, Tim...thanks for the write up on the body!

  3. Lance,

    You, Curt, Tim Printy, Gilles, Nabs, Paul Kimball, and a host of others did all of the heavy lifting on this one. The deciphering of the placard omitted the anticipated long haul that we faced as a group. My post merely demonstrated that we were equally prepared to go the distance in other areas had the need arisen. Congrats to you and the others!

  4. Ufodebunker,

    I have to smile at your comment. One would think that this was a stake through the heart of Roswell, but such myths endure. What's needed is a new generation of researchers to take a fresh look at the case. Fresh eyes, less bias, more objectivity is needed. Time will tell...

  5. Tim, I see you have circled the white patch over the right eye of both mummies. Has anyone tried to deblur this? If it is an ID patch, the number would solidly confirm the mummy identification and help people find more records.

  6. Terry, I obtained the photo shots from Gilles Fernandez. I ignored the circled areas as I was focusing on the anatomical features of the mummy. I did read, either from one of the group members or another outside source, that the circled areas more than likely was that of a ID patch as you speculate. I've no knowledge whether this area has been "deblurred."