Monday, April 27, 2015

The 5th of May fast approaches. What can we expect?

With the 5th of May Roswell alien slides presentation soon to be on hand, we have to wonder what to expect.  The expectations will be based on one's personal position as to belief or disbelief in ET visitations.  It's as simple as that.

You'll notice that I said "Roswell alien slides" as that is how the original hoopla was presented by early on spokesman Tony Bragalia.  And despite the apparent down playing of a Roswell connection, Roswell is still the elephant in the room...or auditorium.  Just look at the promotional image has Roswell written all over it.

In a perfect world, here are my expectations:

1.  Clarification as to whose house the slides were found in Sedona, AZ (including the other 400 slides).  Was it the former home of Hilda Ray or her attorney?

2.  Did any of the researchers involved (Carey and Schmitt) do a documents search as to the past owners of the home in question.  This information would have been public information accessible through the city and/or county offices that registered land deeds.

3.  What is the hard evidence that links the Rays to Roswell back in 1947 that would have put them right smack at the scene of the alleged UFO crash?  Let's go further. Is there hard evidence that Ray was in the Aztec area back in 1948?  I'm not looking for mere speculation or correlations, but hard documentation that proves so.

4.  Why am I to assume that the images in the photos are those of an ET versus that of a mummified specimen or a human deformity/oddity?  Do we even know what ET is suppose to look like?  We have ample evidence of mummies and human deformities.  

5.  I'm expecting to have expert testimony from various fields of forensic photography, possible medical examiner opinions and statements from real anthropologists.

So my wish list is at 5.  That's a reasonable start with reasonable questions that should illicit reasonable answers.  Let's see what happens on May 5th.


  1. Looks like the Great Reveal is going to be a vitamin B12 shot laced with strychnine for the Roswell faithful!

  2. Anon, my personal belief is that Maussan and company will be hard press to prove behind a shadow of doubt that the images are those of an ET alien body. What the hell is ET supposed to look like anyhow?

  3. You forgot one aspect: 5th of May is also Cinco de Mayo, so there'll be a lot of tequila and beer making the rounds!


    1. As predicted, its all about the filthy lucre and nothing more. When are people going to realize that Roswell is a myth?

  4. James, since its now May 7th, I sure that most stuck in that auditorium for 5 plus hours loaded up with tequila and beer as soon as the exit doors were unlocked...

    Anon, yes all predictable, but from a biblical perspective, prophecy must be allowed to reach its final conclusion. Myth? The power of a myth is it's self-induced capability to withstand scrutiny regardless of the facts.

  5. Unbelievers may mock believers but every believer worries that there may not be a God while unbelievers worry that there may be one and He might judge them. Everyone has a belief system and doubts abound on either side.

  6. Anthony's apology posted on Kevin's site is hard to accept! Why would anyone preserve an alien in the manner of the photo!?

  7. Even the writers of the X files know better than to do that LOL