Monday, March 16, 2015

Link found tying Bernerd/Hilda Ray to the Aztec, NM UFO story?

Or, has the story simply gone underground?

Nick Redfern posted an interesting article detailing a possible link with the Rays and Silas Newton.  Most should be aware that the Aztec, NM UFO story is built on the foundation that back in 1948, a group of geologist had stumbled upon a secretive government clean-up operation involving a crashed UFO saucer.

Per Redfern, Rich Reynolds has come across possible documentation that ties Hilda Ray to Silas Newton concerning a legal case back in 1946.  Hilda Ray was a practicing attorney back then.  Reynolds was in the process of sorting out more detail and sourcing at this time, again as stated by Nick Redfern.

A recent update on Reynold's blog better explains the issue of the document and the lack of obtaining proper and second sourcing, thus the document will probably not be disclosed until the above happens. [This is the proper way and as it should be.]

Further, Nick Redfern alludes to the possibilities that Ray, being a geologist, was either recruited or invited by the government to discern if the dead "aliens" where of a possible subterranean origin.

Nick Redfern's site and blog article:

An interesting theory, but it appears to be weakened by other factors pertaining to both the Aztec and Roswell stories.

The Roswell story is built on the foundation that a UFO/saucer had crashed and it's debris collected by the military, ergo it descended from space.

The Aztec UFO story is built on the foundation that a group of geologist had stumbled upon a government clean up operation of a crashed saucer, with dead aliens. This happening in 1948...supposedly.

The loose theory being proffered is that the government had retained(?) the services of Ray, Newton, et al, to determine if the aliens had originated as a subterranean-type of origin.

The two alleged incidents happening approximately 1 year apart. Why would the government be interested in subterranean origins when they would have had "tangible" proof via "saucer" debris which had been confiscated and secreted back to Wright-Patterson?

If we go by the prevailing premise that Bernerd Ray had opportunity and means of photoing dead "aliens" after either stumbling across the operation, or invited to render a professional opinion concerning species origin, there are absurdities with both versions.

1. The alien photos (Dew, Carey, Schmitt) show something in a glass display case/container which would mean no photos were taken at the scene of the alleged crash...Roswell and/or Aztec, thus hardly proving that Bernerd Ray had happened across a crash clean up site.

2. Ray was a geologist, not a biologist or forensic pathologist, so his input would have been professionally worthless as far as examining the dead aliens and establishing origin.

This story defies logic...regardless of any so-called government attempt to use Aztec as a cover for Roswell.

Here is Rich Reynold's theory of Aztec as a cover for Roswell posted back in 2013:

Not surprising is that the current interest in the "Roswell" Kodachrome slides and their alleged link to Bernard/Hilda Ray have also sparked an interest in the Aztec story.   One of the issues, as I see it, is the task of actually linking the slides to the Rays.  Right now, it appears to be a mere correlation without proof.

Here is Paul Kimball's thoughts regarding the prospect that Hilda Ray may/or may not have represented Silas Newton in a case back in 1946:

We'll all await May 5th and further await Rich Reynold's release of his documents should he obtain the proper sourcing.


  1. Mornin' Tim,

    First let me begin by stating my reluctance in commenting on the ongoing folderol of the Roswell Slides. I hate to fan the flames of flummery (present company excluded). What began as rumor and innuendo, morphed into a soap opera, and now is a full blown circus. It quite frankly is the poster child for everything that is wrong with this thing we call Ufology.

    What prompted my commentary was that your description of Aztec is incorrect; it had nothing to do with geologists. The narrative is that oil workers went to check on a brush fire near some oil drip tanks; this is when the unconventional craft was discovered.

    More oil workers arrived on scene as well as local ranchers and finally law enforcement. The military was contacted and or was aware of the craft; they arrived in short order and removed said craft and covered up same (ala Roswell).

    When Aztec was first injected into the slides saga back in 2013, I asked for any supporting evidence . . . an iota, anything that would connect Aztec or its supporting cast to this new alleged evidence. What was given as an answer was just more anecdotes and interpretation of events. That was almost two years ago, and here we go again.

    I said then I say now—without any supporting evidence, or any evidence for that matter what we have is a campfire story.

    Aztec aside, my question is in May (if not before) what will become of the players when the slides are determined to be of mundane origin? As Robert Hastings correctly described—the clock is ticking. The Piltdown Man cometh.


  2. Frank,

    Lol...Frank, you are like me, "reluctant" about commenting on this on-going saga. I swore this story off like a "12 step" program last month, yet here I am. The story intrigues.

    And, yes, admittedly I have to agree once with Robert on this one...end of days? He brought up good points pertaining to slides.

    Thanks for the clarification about Aztec as I'm sorta out of my comfort/knowledge zone. I'll amend the post with your information when I get the chance.

    The focal point of my post was the question raised in Redfern's article that the possibility existed that the government may have "enlisting" the services of Bernerd Ray to establish a subterranean origin for the alleged aliens.

    Kind regards,

  3. Tim,

    The story intrigues, albeit for all the wrong reasons. It's more a study of sociology and or psychology then anything else.

    I think the biggest victim after the dust settles, i.e., when the slides are proven to be either a mummy or some pathological specimen, will be Ufology as a whole. The saddest part is the severity or the damage done will be barely measurable, given Ufology's current condition. Most will simply shrug it off, and say, "what did you expect?"

    But what of the players? Maussan of course makes alien proclamations on a regular basis–so he won't even blink. Yet the others that have tattooed the Roswell, alien, smoking-gun to their hides . . . how do they recover, or do they? Or will anyone care?

    What becomes of Roswell research?


  4. Frank,

    "What becomes of Roswell research?" The entire Roswell story has been layered upon by crap, factoids and actual facts for decades. I suspect that it will take a new generation of researchers who will have to tackle it with the mindset of an archaeologist...sifting through the various strata layers to get to some semblance of the truth.

    On a similar stream of thought, I recall that I had once told someone that the Malmstrom story (1967) would lie somewhat dormant until someone discovered photos of a UFO stored away in a basement or attic in Great Falls linking it to Echo or Oscar Flight. That would be an interesting predicament.:)


  5. Tim,

    Re Roswell of course you're right. To the layperson broaching the subject for the first time it must just seem like loud static.

    When I posited the question, I had "Alien Autopsy" and the "Roswell Slides" echoing through the cranium. They will sadly dovetail nicely together.

    Re the archeologist analogy: I have often said that a researcher wears many hats, and that is one of them.

    "Photos of a UFO stored away in a basement" or Zeke (from Zeta Reticuli) was here" written in Zeta Reticulian inscribed on the inner blast door of a Launch Control Center. :^))


  6. Well, Frank sounds almost reasonable here. He should apply that candor to other issues as well. Cheers! James