Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Glorious Few Months without UFOs

Yes, I've been missing for a few months.  To be sure most is due to other tangible issues consuming my personal time.

First, I succumbed to one of my true loves...the Civil War.  I started reading a couple of biographys on James Longstreet, one being by Longstreet's chief of staff, Moxely Sorrel. The rest is history as they say.

Like my interest in the UFO phenomena from a psychological frame of work,  the Civil War holds a similar pattern as leaders from both sides had physical and psychological issues that impacted judgement and decision making.

Second, I happened to slice my knee open on plate glass requiring 7 sutures to close.  That in itself is a small matter, it was the wound infection that followed that put me out of commission for almost a month.

So for the past month, I had been immersed in true UFOs...and I didn't miss it, nor did it miss me.  In the grand scheme of things both it and I are irrelevant as these past few months have borne witness.

So now it's catch-up time. 

Last month Tim Printy wrote an outstanding piece in his SUNlite webzine, regarding the Big Sur UFO case of 1964. Printy attempted to piece together the works of the late Joel Carpenter concerning the case and did a very good job of it, IMHO.

The Big Sur case revolved around the launch of an Atlas ICBM from Vandenburg AFB, CA back in 1964.  The apparent intent of the launch was to test out the use of a penetration aid package to mask the re-entry vehicle from radar detection.  In other words, instead of one target showing on a radar screen, three, four ect, would show forcing the Soviets to play a nuclear "three card monty" when deciding what target(s) to intercept.  

As the story goes, the mission is video taped and allegedly a UFO disrupts the flight path of the re-entry vehicle.  Said video is allegedly confiscated by the CIA and never to see the light of day.  So says Robert Jacobs and Robert Hastings.  But that is not quiet what happened...

Speaking of Robert Hastings, he posted a comment on of my past posts:

Tim Hebert wrote: It took a while, but Ufology's "emanate" [sic] researcher, Robert Hastings has decide [sic] to descend from Mount Olympus and render his judgment regarding Robert Sheaffer's Oscar Flight's UFO vs. Mars.

Interesting projection on your part, Tim. Actually, responding to Sheaffer (or you or Printy or Carlson) is pointless. Nevertheless, every now and then, I feel the need. In this case, your comment, repeated yet again, that I have “used” the veterans who confide in me, led me to decide to chime in at this time.

You wrote, “Of course Hastings has ‘used’ them for his needed props, book subjects and his ‘up and coming’ [sic] documentary film. I'm assuming that all have agreed to this type of exposure and have no problems being associated with Hastings. That's their right to do so. BTW, do any of the group get a portion of your book profits? That would seem fair as without them you have no subject matter to write about...let alone produce a documentary film.”

When I mentioned this to one of my ex-USAF missileer sources, Phil Moore, he responded:

There will always be naysayers...some with an agenda, some simply & honestly unable to accept what's going on in front of them. Anyway, you know that I believe in what you're doing & respect the thorough way you do it. I do not feel used. On the contrary, I feel like my small contributions to the overall objective are necessary. Happy to support your efforts...bring on a joint statement [of support by my many ex-USAF sources] or whatever else might help. 


P.S. I don't want any royalties – Ha Ha

Upon receiving this response, I asked Phil to summarize his Air Force career. He responded:

Philip E. Moore is a retired USAF Lt. Colonel who spent the bulk of his 28-year military career working with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles in five different launch systems, rising from launch crew officer in the earliest ICBM, Atlas, through increasingly responsible command and staff positions to Commander of the 321st Strategic Missile Squadron at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming where he was directly responsible for 50 Minuteman ICBMs and 150 nuclear warheads in 1978-79. His final Air Force assignment before retiring with honors in 1989 was Director of Missile Operations at the 19th Air Division with oversight of two Titan II Wings and a Minuteman II Wing. 

Moore is only one of the 140 or so veterans who have wholeheartedly supported my work. He and 11 others will appear in my film, discussing ongoing UFO activity at ICBM sites over the years. Walt Figel, a reluctant witness, will appear in an audiotaped segment, discussing the UFO reported to him at Malmstrom’s Echo Flight on March 16, 1967.

I’m sure that if I had 1,400 or 14,000 veterans reporting UFO activity at ICBM sites, you would still know better than all of them, Tim. (I know I have just scratched the surface with my research thus far. Hopefully the film, once it’s broadcast, will prompt many more veterans to disclose their experiences. My contact information will appear in it.)

My understanding is that you are a mental health professional these days. If that’s true, I hope that you have privately counseled James Carlson to seek help. While he is convinced that his countless manic rants online help his case, nearly everyone understands that the opposite is true and seem rather dumbfounded by his apparently uncontrollable antics. Ironically, I suppose I should welcome his outbursts, given that they only serve my purposes—as a great many persons have told me—but it is nevertheless almost painful to watch his public unraveling. 

Regardless, my upcoming film is proceeding nicely and will eventually garner a worldwide audience of millions, thereby furthering my goal of educating people about the reality of the UFO-Nukes Connection. Meanwhile, you and your few associates will continue to talk among yourselves, with very little public support. In short, things are moving in the right direction.

--Robert Hastings

Oh well, I've learned to never argue with a mad man.  Robert gives the impression that his derriere warmed the commander's/deputy's seat at Echo and/or Oscar.  So Robert has 140 ex-military types on his list, still a couple of thousand to go, if not more. Mean while I await Robert's grand cinema production  

As far as the Minot case, I plan to jump back into it.  My apologies to Tom Tulien, but I tend to get distracted with other things in life.  Yet I find that stepping back from things allows me to clear the head and re-look and re-focus.

I'll start back up in a little bit.


  1. Hello!

    Nice to read you again, Tim! On a side note, Mister Hasting wrote:

    "[...] thereby furthering my goal of educating people about the reality of the UFO-Nukes Connection."

    It made echo (not oscar^^) with this "famous" Ziegler quote: "``A malevolent monster (the government) has sequestered an item essential to humankind (wisdom of a transcendental nature, i.e., evidence-based knowledge that we are not alone in the universe). The culture hero (the ufologist) circumvents the monster and (by investigatory prowess) releases the essential item (wisdom) for humankind.''

    I meet Tom Tulien last week in Paris and we exchanged few words (I salute you if you read such lines, Tom). Looking forward your future discussions about Minot case.



  2. Gilles, thanks for the kind words. Glad that you had the opportunity to meet Tom. Perhaps should Tom wander down to San Diego I could do the same.

    Hopefully, Hastings' production will do better than Discovery Channel's past presentation on Oscar Flight...such a low bar to cross. Still, it has to be viewed as a work of fiction.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Welcome back Tim! It was a cold winter ...

    IRT Robert Hastings, it's a shame he's refused to defend his own case, a conclusion naturally reached every time he neglects the facts and relies instead on attacking his critics while ignoring their cases. It's hard not to notice as well that he continues to discuss incidents that have yet to be made. He does this a lot, believing apparently that he can establish some kind of an argument based on what he may or may not do in the future. His entire argument is now firmly established as "nothing". So let's see: he attacks his critics and insists that he can make a case out of literally nothing but predictions of the future. I think it's safe to assess his credibility as severely limited. The most he's been able to define is the extent of his many failures in this field, including his determination to ignore the case that has destroyed his and Robert Salas' claims. When are these clowns going to address the many issues proving their inability to establish the veracity of their own proposals? Why won't he answer a few detailed questions? His acts have proven instead that he has no case, no evidence, and no real understanding of his own claims. He wallows in ignorance on one side and dishonesty on the other while believing that he can convince others to accept his assessments without actually presenting the necessary evidence to do so. He's his own worst enemy!

    Sincerely, though: welcome back to the circus!

  4. James, it is indeed a circus...always has been, always will be.

    Robert has the tendency to practice a most egregious form of skull-fuckery. You noticed that he will use Figel's audio tape despite the fact that Figel had stated on numerous occasions that nothing occurred. But its Robert's fantasy...

    BTW, did you see that he had to throw a dig at you? Typical obsessive filled whack job.

    Thanks for the kind words,


  5. "my upcoming film is proceeding nicely and will eventually garner a worldwide audience of millions"

    Maybe on YouTube after ten years or so, but even then I doubt it. He really doesn't know what's he's talking about.

  6. Paul, this is your area of expertise. I've little idea how Hastings is putting anything together or who is producing his film. Nor do I have knowledge of what venue or vehicle he is using...assuming that he is doing what he says.

    Thanks for visiting the site.

    Kind regards,