Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm a rodeo clown... per recent comment...

In a show of good faith and intellectual honesty, I wanted to provide the contents of a comment that was recently posted on one of my past blog articles here.  

The National Guard never ran intercept missions : BECAUSE- the 29th Fighter.Interceptor.Squadron. AIR DEFENSE COMMAND was tenants at the base with 21- F101 B-VooDoo's we were full time airman not week-end warriors----we launched 2 air craft that night, I was a crew chief working alert--I was there when the pilots were debriefed in a nut shell, yes, my friend-this was not the first sighting but it was the the first for MMS as part of the flight crew this was not our first rodeo and you are not are first rodeo clown we would launch at least once a week on UFO that crossed are radar---remember we are above ground and work the sky you are in a hole in the ground,-----now go back and get your facts straight-A.F.PROUD (30 YRS CMSGT)

The above comment highlights one of the problems with the Malmstrom incident in March of 1967.  The "Chief" is correct as far as what ADC aircraft where assigned to Malmstrom AFB during that time period.  In that regard, I erroneously assumed an air guard responsibility for intercepts of unknown targets in that sector.  So with that said, I have no problem putting on my clown face and jumping in the barrel for the next rodeo...

Despite getting the correct ADC unit and aircraft assigned for the time period, I'm still left with no verifiable data to confirm that intercepts were actually launched on the 16th of March.  The "Chief" is no different than anybody else as he merely provides anecdotal commentary as none of the available documents supports any intercept missions.  That's not to say the the "Chief" is in error as intercepts may well have occurred during the day in question, but nothing at this time solidly confirms such a mission.

What day is the "Chief" referring to...the 16th...the 25th...months earlier?  I notice that for someone that was supposedly present at the "debrief," the "Chief" provides no details as to what was discussed, or what target(s) where intercepted, if any.  This leads to the absurd thinking for some that all unknown targets where(are) UFOs of the ET variety.

So if the "Chief" wants me to get my facts right, then I suggest that he provide me hard facts to counter the argument.  Unfortunately, his comment provide no compelling reasons to change my opinion of the case.

PS:  I applaud and congratulate the 30 years service put in by the CMSgt...NCO's were, and still are, the backbone of the Air Force...Tim Hebert

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