Monday, January 20, 2014

The Last Cardiac Chest Compression on the Oscar Flight UFO Corpse

Robert Scheaffer's "Bad UFO" site
Sorry for disinterring the Oscar Flight story...yet again...I guess that I like creeping about the grave yards of old UFO cases, but I had to post a response to Robert Scheaffer's post on "Bad UFOs" where he dissected the Discovery-Canada's "Close Encounters" segment on Robert Salas and Oscar Flight, "....Mars Mangles Missiles?"

The first part of Robert Scheaffer's article postulates the possibility that the security personnel may have mistaken the observed phenomena as the planet Mars.  Admittedly, I've never thought of a stellar component for the story, but this hypothesis, though certainly plausible under the right circumstances, has a fundamental problem(s) as I outlined in a comment to Robert's article.


Appreciate that you've posted my thoughts on the Oscar Flight affair, as well as providing links to my blog site.

I found the opening of your post interesting that Mars could have played a roll in the security teams visual observations. That's all very well from a theoretical point of view, if it could be proven that the security personnel did in fact see and report something to Salas and Meiwald. There is nothing to support that such a thing happened other than what both officers stated some decades later. And, of course, both officers perceived different things on the night in question. Both were ignorant of each others story until years later when Salas had interviewed Meiwald for his book "Faded Giant". Thus one of the many morphing of the story.

Added to all of the above that after 45 years none of the security team members have ventured forth to confirm the story. With a minimum of 8 individuals topside, you would think that at least one of them would have come forward to verify the story. As of now, no one has come forward.

Recently, Salas had disclosed (Paul Kimball via Billy Cox?) that he had undergone hypnosis in the mid 1980s to help recall certain aspects of the incident, as well as claiming that he was abducted by aliens. I believe this further puts a stake in the heart of credibility in my opinion. Canadian viewers were not privy to that tid bit of info, were they?

From my stand point, Salas' claims stretches coherence to the nth degree and more and more moves into the realm of total confabulation elaborate hoax was perpetrated on him while out in the field that day.

Again, thanks for the post, its much appreciated.

From my point of view, Mars is irrelevant to the story.  For this story to have a shred of traction, you need to have someone corroborate the story who was physically there topside at the time. No AF-117s were ever filled out for this incident where the security personnel provided a detailed descriptions of any supposed observations.  Contrast this to that of Minot's case over one year later.  In the Minot incident(s), missile personnel and aircraft pilot had filled out AF-117s which provided details of what was seen.

As I start shoveling dirt back on to the Oscar corpse, again I ask you:  "Did this really happen?"...Seriously?

Note:  I plan to construct a separate blog site to park all of my Oscar posts, similar to what I did for Echo Flight.  I provide a post and link when this is accomplished.  


  1. Outstanding! While he was still conducting his research, Robert asked me what I thought about the Mars theory he was developing. I told him that in my opinion, Salas was merely a cheap liar and a fraud. You can't explain what a UFO sighting might actually be if it's not a flying saucer unless you have an actual sighting to reference. Salas didn't see anything, and he's been unable to provide even the NAME of a witness who did see something. Where I come from, we call that kind of a story FICTION.

  2. James, I'm like you, the Mars angle, though interesting, just doesn't cut it. I think you and I both agree, you have to have someone actually see something, preferably two or more individuals...this case comes no where near that criteria.