Friday, January 3, 2014

Blog Review for 2013: A Good Year for the Site

I probably should have done this in mid to late December, but I figure early January of the new year will have to do.

There are a few of my blog post that appear to have captured a good audience and I wanted to share my thoughts concerning 2013 and "Did It Really Happen?"

The May 22, 2013, post "Where Are the Titan II UFO Stories?" generated quite a bit of interests, yet surprisingly no push back from the UFO/Nuke proponents.  The intent of the article was to call into question a subset of the UFO crowd that believe in the benevolence of UFOs/ET.  In other words, UFO activity around our nuclear sites (primarily US) indicate that there is a growing concern from our "visitors" due to the presence of nuclear weapons.

All of the past UFO stories seem to indicate a primary galactic irritant surrounding the Minuteman ICBM bases, yet there was never any documented/fabricated stories surrounding the Titan II ICBM sites.  Why was that?

It appears to me to be the example of poor logic since the Titan II system packed an enormous amount of mega-tonnage per yield and thus would have been the prime system to disrupt or interfere with...for humanities sake. 

The September 11, 2013 post "The Usefulness (or not) of UFO Witness Interviews" was another article that generated interests.  Here, I attempted to contrast past and present perceptions of memory.  Basically, it tends to be a double-edged sword.  But I don't discount what one has to say some 40 years after the fact, but one must tread cautiously when attempting the discerning of facts...subjective vs. that of the objective.  I use this concept on an every day bases in my current profession.

And lastly, the July 9, 2013 post, "A Preview of the Minot UFO Event: Oct 24, 1968."  This and a couple of companion post attempts to set the table concerning the study methodology and future presentation of the event.  This subject is still on-going and I hope to present it in stages very soon.

Over all, 2013 was a good year for the blog and viewership.  Hits on the site pretty much doubled with an appreciable return viewership.  True some did access the site accidentally, but hopefully they would have found the site interesting, if not bizarre enough to garner a future peek.   UFO sites, skeptical and believer, tend to be seen as a traveling road show.

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