Monday, June 10, 2013

Updated Information on Col Arneson's Recollection's

I've been researching the Minot October 1968 UFO incident and came across information that appears to clarify Col. Arneson's statements concerning his receipt of a message relating to "UFO(s) sighted around missile silos."  My blog post, "The Oscar Flight Mystery:  Dwynne Arneson" covers his affidavit that was presented back in 2010.

It is readily apparent that all UFO sightings/reports were sent to the affected region's ADC Air Division regardless of the command making the report.  Since Minot AFB, ND was in the 28th Air Division's jurisdiction all of it's UFO reports were sent to Malmstrom (28th's location).

With this in mind, Col Arneson's recollection of a message listing a UFO(s) sighting would have been consistent with the protocols in place during his tenure at Malmstrom.  Based on Arneson's responsibilities within the air division, he would have had access to these types of message traffic. 

The Minot message sent to Malmstrom (October time frame of 1968) was "Unclassified."
I'll post a copy of the Minot message with a future blog post on that specific incident once the article is completed.


  1. Oh, Tim -- now you're just teasing us!

    Given D. Arnesson's assurance that "I cannot quote the date, where it came from, where it was going to, but I do recall reading it and seeing it" in regard to the ever-mysterious DoD message that Hastings and Salas have used to support their ridiculous claims about Malmstrom's Echo/November/Oscar Flights in March 1967, are you perhaps speculating that his testimony might reflect his gracious memory of an event at Minot AFB? This event would, at least, represent an incident we can point to and say, "see, gentlemen, we have an actual record to refer to in this case -- one that isn't entirely imaginary!" There is, it seems, some beauty in truth.

    If so, I look forward to reading your article with genuine pleasure! And if not, I can't help but wonder where you're intending to take us all next... After all, Arnesson's admitted ignorance regarding "the date, where it came from" and "where it was going to" doesn't put much of a limit on such speculations, which means you probably need the actual message to center our focus on. Fortunately, you've got that -- the whole thing's on record, and can't possibly be denied, which leaves at least one insistent question: how could Hastings and Salas have dropperd the ball so severely out of the bounds of play?

    After all, this whole speculation at least suggests that the two Bobs are using one man's admitted ignorance -- as in "I cannot quote the date, where it came from, where it was going to" -- in order to prop up an invented case that has produced no intrinsic evidence or testimony of any worth whatsoever on its own merits, and have done so while ignoring completely all evidence and testimony that nonetheless fits equally well within the confines of that man's already admitted state of ignorant grace. Oh, damn, let's be honest here: it fits a thousand times better, because it actually happened!

    I think you've come up with one more point supporting the contention that the only reasonable response to the organized UFOlogy these people throw at the world on a daily basis is that of dismissive contempt having only one real use to the rest of the world: it's a cautionary injunction to reject the astounding revelations that originate with fools and charlatans, and whether or not they've managed to associate their claims with a movement demanding the full disclosure of secrets they're not party to isn't even relevant -- it just makes it more obscene and tawdry.

    I'm looking forward to your article, Tim. Thanks!

  2. Hey James,

    The actual intent of the post was to bring to light that ALL UFO reports appear to have been sent to ADC Air Divisions covering the region from wince the reports came. This became apparent when I was looking at the message traffic for the Minot case. There was a message sent to the 28th Air Division with details of the reported sightings from both the bomber crew and missile maintenance personnel back in Oct. of 1968.

    I'm not stating that Arneson was recalling this particular event, because as you stated in your comment, he neither recalled the date or to whom it was sent to/originated from. What I am saying is that it would not have been unreasonable for him to be in position to see such traffic regardless of which command (SAC, TAC, MAC) was involved with an encounter.

    What does this really tell us? In my opinion this was normal procedure to notify ADC of any supposed military UFO sightings regardless of the reports veracity with the purpose to gather other pertinent data or for air defense interdiction. Basically, what Arneson saw was NOT that unusual, but was to be expected.

    As you well know, there were NUMEROUS UFO reports that emanated from the the 28th's region of responsibility during the 1966-1968 time period. So which incident producing the message traffic that Arneson attempted to mentally recall is anyone's guess.

    I just thought this to be an interesting area of thought for those interested.

  3. It's a VERY interesting area of thought, Tim. It shows us that there's very little in what Dwynne Arnesson has said that deserves any real consideration at all by anybody. And given the banal character of both the communication and his memories of the communication, the attempts of some to apply that banality to an incident that was invented from the leavings of an electrical glitch they have yet to describe with any accuracy and have failed completely to even understand, something of a wonderment considering the alleged education of both Hastings and Salas (sorry to fall back on this type of focus, but I am a bit of a one-trick pony, and, I admit, I do have an agenda when it comes to UFOs, albeit one I've never really tried to hide), leaves me in a state akin to bemused disgust. I can't possibly believe that anybody actually believes that something important has been added to our culture as a result of the claims Arnesson has tried to establish. It's like a rude potty joke at best.

    On a slightly related side note, have you seen the news RE: Edward Snowden? I don't want to get into a long discussion about what folks may or may not believe about the legal impressions that have been made thus far today, but I did want to make one small, pointed observation. Given the current freak-out we're noting at the NSA, the CIA, and all points in-between in regard to secrets maintained to protect government access to email accounts and telephone records, does anybody really believe that there would be no reaction whatsoever to some ex-USAF whistle-blower telling the world all about the concern that UFOs and the denizens of other planets have about our nuclear interests if there was any truth at all to those claims? Or that there would continue to be no interest exhibited by the government through four Presidential administrations? I am amazed at the credulity exhibited by apparently intelligent American comic-book fans everywhere...

  4. I like your take on Snowden. You make an outstanding comparison. Perhaps you could write something up which I'd be willing to post here!

    BTW, if you go to Bad UFOs, Scheaffer wrote an article about Wikipedia and I gave your efforts a plug in the comments section.

  5. Well, I finally got my hard drive back up again after yesterday's heat -- I don't know what weather you're experiencing but we've had 90-plus days for a week now, and my hard drive has crashed three times as a a result. I've resorted to using quilted ice-packs that we bought at Target, and I put them on top of the fan ventilator we bought for the laptop, and have the laptop on top of the ice packs. It seems to be working great, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we won't have similar problems (at least not before the air conditioner we ordered for downstairs gets here). I finally got up long enough to check out the Bad UFO site you mentioned. Thanks very much for the plug -- very much appreciated. It's always fun when folks see some benefit in the work you've done, and I appreciate the thought. I'm looking forward to your final take on Arnesson; if you haven't yet, you should consider forwarding a copy to Salas, Hastings, CUFON and UFO Chronicles. Personally, I find great rewards in observing how much effort they all put into ignoring the rest of the world's discussions of their silly little claims. I'm still waiting for RH to answer the list of questions he promised to answer on his way to Alaska. I guess it's been what -- 3-and-a-half years now? As for CUFON and Klotz, they don't even bothering looking at the emails any more, let alone answering them! As for Salas, I still have fits when I think about how his only response to everything I've been doing these past few years has been to call up my Dad and tell on me! He seemed more than a little surprised when my Dad told him, "you know he's right! Why are you so surprised? I told you years ago there were no UFOs!" Giving the choice between lying or delusional, I'm now leaning a bit more toward delusional in regard to Salas. Of course, it could be all show. He still refuses to talk to me about any of it, and I can't help but laugh.