Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Comparison: The NSA Debacle vs. UFO Disclosure

On my previous Arneson post, James Carlson and I were trading comments.  James made a keen point concerning the current government scandals sweeping the U.S.  I thought it was noteworthy because he drives home a point.

James Carlson:  "On a slightly related side note, have you seen the news RE: Edward Snowden? I don't want to get into a long discussion about what folks may or may not believe about the legal impressions that have been made thus far today, but I did want to make one small, pointed observation. Given the current freak-out we're noting at the NSA, the CIA, and all points in-between in regard to secrets maintained to protect government access to email accounts and telephone records, does anybody really believe that there would be no reaction whatsoever to some ex-USAF whistle-blower telling the world all about the concern that UFOs and the denizens of other planets have about our nuclear interests if there was any truth at all to those claims? Or that there would continue to be no interest exhibited by the government through four Presidential administrations? I am amazed at the credulity exhibited by apparently intelligent American comic-book fans everywhere..."

BTW, I personally know of no one affiliated with the military that either was reprimanded, or lost their retirement pension because they had come out endorsing the sighting of a UFO encounter.  Case in point, none of the principle individuals involved with the Malmstrom alleged incidents suffered career-wise.  All either had successful military careers or excelled outside of the military.

James wrote is comment yesterday, as of today, Snowden has apparently disappeared from the scene...for now.   Supposedly, the US government is in the process of conducting an international dragnet for this poor bastard (as well as, the Chinese and Russians).  Yet we are free (for now) to write about UFO encounters around "secret" military sites or nuclear bases with impunity.  I guess that some "disclosures" are more important than others.

Or to put it in a more Orwellian tone:  all disclosures are equal, some are more equal than others.

Gotta go...I think the NSA is calling me on my cell phone...

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