Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Former Military Member's Comments Provide Past UFO Experiences

For the past two and a half years, I've received comments that unfortunately have been buried in the blog.  Some are of interests, where as, other's fall short.  I thought this to be a good time to show them and where applicable my response.

My blog post "UFO Over Malmstom's Golf Flight in 1982" had two comments from former Flight Security Controllers who had either witnessed, or had reports from security response teams in their respective flight areas.

This comment from "Anonymous":

I was the on duty, Senior FSC at Tango-1 LCF (which was the command post for our 5 flight area: Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra and Tango) in 1974, at FE Warren AFB. I always volunteered for the night shift, 6pm to 6am. One particular night, while talking to another FSC at Romeo-1, he kept asking me over and over again, in-between our chit-chat if I saw anything, coming over the range where he was situated, and it was downrange from my LCF . Eventually I did see the UFO he was talking about which he never reported and I ending up doing. The craft hovered for over 2 hours, was 3 miles downrange from the LCF and made no noise. This even after my capsule crew down stairs was notifed, WSC was notified, I woke up the site Mngr., the site cook and we had both Night and Day SAT teams out in the field trying to get a better ID and description of it.In the end it went vertical and disappeared, when WSC at the base said that 2 F-4 Phantoms were dispatched from Denver to intercept this thing. When all 10 FSC's returned to the base after our 3.5 day tour, we all were sent to the SP Commander who made us all sign an affidavit, saying we didn't see anything. I made no illusion to my SAT leader at the time, that he had a right to protect himself and his member from harm. If deadly force was needed that night, we would have used it.

This is a decent report with quite a bit of detail.  Most important is the mentioning of the year, AF base and flight.  But is it complete?

My reply:

Anonymous, thanks for commenting. I noticed that you wrote that the "craft" was 3 miles downrange from Tango. Based on that distance, how could you tell that it was a craft? Omitted from your comments were key descriptions such as the shape, color, glowing/non-glowing, etc. 
What was the closest time line of the, month, approximate time of day? Do you recall, as best as possible, what your dispatched security teams described regarding the object...and was this broadcast via radio back to you? 
You state that all 10 FSCs (2 each per LCF) were required to sign an affidavit. Why all ten...was this object/craft detected over/near all of the squadron's flights?   
You'll have to forgive me for all of my questions, but they are necessary when trying to make sense of any sighting. BTW, I don't discount that something was sighted, but what actually was sighted is the question. Your use of the term "UFO" is appropriate based on your's and others inability to identify the object.
Thanks for an interesting accounting, I'll try to find other information regarding your experience.

As can be seen, a good report but lacking in other important details that would lend to a much more richer report.

Here is another comment from the same blog post:

AnonymousMay 25, 2013 at 7:34 PM 
I was a FSC at Golf Control in 1969-1970 and when I sent the SAT Team out to check an OZ alarm that would not reset at Golf-2 at 2 am they saw a flying disc hovering over the Launch Site.
Not much detail to be had on this one.  Below is my response:

Tim Hebert May 26, 2013 at 1:01 AM
 OK...what base? Freudian question for was your relationship with your SAT members? 
Did you really believe them? Did you file any reports? 
And finally, did you yourself see anything? 
Your comment tells me very little as you can tell from my above questions. Perhaps the SAT was slightly pissed having to strike the site, then having to wait for a camper team to arrive before being released to return back to the LCF. That makes for one long night for a couple 19-20 year olds.

I admit that I was a tad bit put off by this one, but after thinking about it for a while, I was able to deduce some information.  Since the former FSC states that he was in Golf flight and the SAT was sent to G-02, this rules out the location to be at Grand Forks.  Possibly the SAT was sent to G-02 for an outer zone security violation and after investigating the site they were awaiting the outer zone security circuits to reset.  Evidently the site failed to reset properly thus leaving the SAT to stay while awaiting the arrival of a security camper team.

Could the security response team had been somewhat upset about being dispatched or simply mischievous towards our FSC?  Could they have actually seen something? 

Despite the above, Anonymous gives the impression that when the SAT arrived at G-02, they reported a flying disc hovering over the site.  If the disc was hovering, it could not have been flying...could it?  Plus the OZ supposedly wouldn't reset prior to the SAT being dispatched, at least, that's how I read the comment's meaning.  This gives the impression that maybe a maintenance team had been on G-02 and was awaiting the OZ to properly reset so that they could be on their way.  But Anonymous does not mention such a team on/off site.  Most importantly, Anonymous was in no position to actually see the phenomena for he only heard the report from the SAT.

I'm hoping that in the future I'll receive more comments like the two that I have high lighted.  If they are interesting then I'll post them.  BTW, for those who think that this blog is used merely for debunking UFO reports, the above should dispel that thought.  I believe that most people actually see something, and in the case of our Golf FSC, actually hear about something.  What I'm attempting to understand is the context of the experience.

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