Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Preview of Things to Come

I have a few up and coming projects for this blog.  Earlier last year, I had started to collect data on the 1967 Belt, Mt UFO sighting.  This project stalled due to other things going on in my personal and professional life...all good things, but busy none the less.  I've recently re-started the Belt project and hope to present it on the blog in the near future.

For those not familiar with the Belt, Mt sighting, this was truck driver Kenneth Williams sighting on the evening of 25 March 1967 near Belt, Montana.  I like to refer to this incident as the third and last story of the Malmstrom UFO trilogy.  Blue Book did do a cursory investigation and labeled it as unexplained, but I've come to believe, as others, that this was a little lack luster of an effort from the Air Force and local agencies.  It was covered in the local newspapers, then like most UFO stories it slowly faded with the passage of time.

I'll also be covering the 1968 Minot UFO cases.  There is quite a bit of information that needs to be reviewed.  A while back ago, I touched on one of the Minot stories reviewing David Schuur's story.  It should be easily accessed by using the search feature on this blog.

I further hope to post a couple of articles looking into the psychological aspects to the UFO abduction phenomena.  This area ties in well with my current profession working in the inpatient psychiatric setting.

I've been toying with looking more in-depth at the Roswell story, but I figured that there are plenty of sites were one can get his/her daily Roswell fix.

Kevin Randle's site, A Different Perspective, seems to be just as good as any of the Roswell sites regardless whether you support the UFO/ET theory or not.  I personally like Kevin's site as he allows both believers and skeptics to hash things out in the comments section.

I almost forgot,  Tim Printy's SUNlite, has a Roswell section each issue that's well worth the read.  So read Randle's site first, then go to Printy's place to get the opposing view point.

Over all, I'm pleased with the viewership of the blog as it's pushing close to the 30K views.  Not withstanding those that accidentally stumbled across the site, I'm hoping that those that stick around and/or come back from time to time will consider that there are alternative views and logical explanations for most of the UFO phenomenon.

And lastly, fill free to drop comments.  If you have the urge to say I'm "full of it" then by all means post a comment.  I only ask that you tell me why you believe so.  Conversely, if you like what I'm posting, let me know.  I enjoy the feed back either way.

Edited to add Tim Printy and SUNlite link.


  1. In March 1967 I was a 13y/o morning newspaper delivery boy in Belt, within a mile of A-11.

  2. You might not be so happy with Randle at the moment. He seems to be buying into the whole 'UFOs knocked out nukes' story at the moment. His evidence, that Salas isn't the only person telling the stories.


  3. Hi Graham,

    I read Randle's post this morning and posted a short comment. Randle holds both Salas and Hastings in high regards so it should come as no suprise that he would be in agreement and supportive of both claims. All that I ask is for those, such as your self, to look at ALL the evidence before making up ones mind.

    As far others back Salas' claim, as Randle states, fine, who are they? Fred Meiwald?...I've touched on his story in a couple of blog posts. Fred Meiwald was interviewed back in 2011, one year prior to his death, and the interview is evident that he was in ill health, yet he really provided no smoking gun in said interview.

    Who else does that lead? Well there were at least 8 support troops topside at Oscar-0-1, they have never come forward to support Salas' claims...and one of the security controllers was the reported witness to the topside incident.

    Graham, I see no evidence that Salas and/or Hastings even made an attempt to find these people.

    So, no, I'm not surprised at Randles admiration, yet I'm not upset about's par for the course and to be expected.

    Thanks for the comment!