Saturday, June 2, 2018

Echo/Oscar Flight "Incidents" 51 years have past!

March, 16/24, 1967 to June 2, 2018

It's now been 51 years since the Echo Flight "No-Go" and the Oscar Flight UFO myth.  It seems that it was only yesterday that I touted the 45th anniversary of Echo Flight.  My how time has past.

Since then, what is new?  Absolutely nothing.  There has been no new evidence to show up that supports Robert Sala's claim that Oscar Flight suffered the same fate as that of Echo.  Yet, he does still persist in his claim...sparring with windmills no doubt.

Robert Hastings had produced and released a documentary that had elements of the Echo/Oscar stories (and others), but for producing a good presentation, its content was stale.  Nothing new added to the discussion, but rather a rehash of the old.

I've received bits and pieces from former Minuteman crew members that portray interesting events during that time period, ie, actual balloons (man-made) landing on launch facilities, but no actual UFOs...go figure.

And after 51 years, no eye witnesses have come forward to corroborate that UFOs where seen in both flight areas....not one.   Where are they?

Rumors and innuendo that still persist to this day.

Did it really happen?

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