Monday, March 5, 2018

Contacted By Former Launch Officer Assigned to Malmstrom AFB

Last week I stumbled on a few Face Book messages sent my way.  My personal Face Book page is devoid of any UFO discussions as I use it mainly as a platform to converse with family and former crew members who had served with me while on station at Malmstrom back in the early 1980s.

Go to my Face Book page, and you'll be treated to the obligatory dopey dog photos, I've two dachshunds whom I pay mortgage on their home...they rule the house.  Plus, I've photo of my wife.  I believe I've more photos of the dogs than that of my wife...I believe my wife is not concerned as we are still married after almost 36 years.

So, back to the thrust of this post.  One of my ignored Face Book message was from a former Air Force officer that had been assigned to the 490th SMS (my old squadron) at Malmstrom AFB during the late 1960s!

I've intentionally omitted this gentleman's name, and after connecting with him, he gave permission to post a portion of his comment.

"I was a Missile Combat Crew Commander at Malmstrom AFB N-01 during 1966-1969. I had a UFO come down on one of my LFs which was found to be an amateur balloon  of some sort. I was in periodic training the day of the E-01 incident and was a friend of Bob Salas. There were reports of UFO's in those days but I never saw any..."

Brief, yet filled with interesting detail.  I'll try to get more info, if this person is willing.  BTW, I've no background on this person other than looking at details  from his FB page.  He went on, as he stated to me, to be assigned to Elmendorf AFB.  I believe that his FB page shows that he went on to the AFIT program (Air Force Institute of Technology) and is now retired.


  1. Hi, Tim -- you're right about this being interesting. I've been able to dig up quite a few articles in newspapers from this period that reported on what appears to be a flood of UFO hoaxes of just this sort. Use of dry-cleaning bags with a small candle used to create mini-hot air balloons was another popular method. There's plenty of evidence, in fact, to support the contention that while there may have been a "UFO flap" of unprecedented scale at this particular time in history, there was also an unprecedented "hoax flap" going on at the same time. Anybody willing to conduct the research will find that this tends to be true during most UFO flaps that have been discussed by UFO proponent communities. Such groups, however, also tend to neglect any research that gives one leave to dismiss their theories as just a bunch of high school kids screwing around. These are the same groups that insist USAF officers of the 1960s had no sense of humor, and would therefore never be responsible for "faking" a UFO as a joke. I think we both know what a load of codswallop that argument represents.

    All the best,
    James Carlson

  2. Heads Up, Buddy! Incoming...

  3. Thanks, Tim! It's great having a go-to guy with hands-on experience and expertise in this complex subject.
    Best! zo