Wednesday, June 22, 2016

UFO excursions and ICBMs: Artificial Intelligent Probes?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) probes may best describe the UFO encounters over our nuclear facilities which is to include our underground silo based ICBMs.  That's the basic premise of Rich Reynolds thoughts.  This stemming from a Destination America recap that aired 6/16/16 of the 1968 Minot AFB UFO incident.

Rich was kind enough to link my original Minot blog post:

My original Minot posting dealt with an incident involving the late David Schuur which could only have occurred between 1964-1967 and had nothing to do with the 1968 incident.  Rich thinks that this may be a good case for AIs probing the on-board computer systems of the affected ICBMs.  BTW, Rich would contribute this to A.I.s of the ET variety.

Such probes would have been sent from an advanced civilization located in our galaxy or even from the far reaches of the universe.  This assumes that such a civilization would have reached technological maturity, but due to the shear distance needed to travel, this civilization would be extinct once its probe(s) arrived at our planet.  This is not so far fetched if we take into account the numerous deep space probes of our own with some having left the solar system, ie Pioneer and Voyager.

I find the concept of AI probes of interest and such theories should be given due consideration, however, this theory does not fit David Schuur's story, nor does it adequately fit the 1968 incident.

There is no documentation that supported Schuur other than an interview that he gave to Robert Hastings.  Over the past few years and based on an extensive review of the Malmstrom Echo Flight shutdown (1967) engineering analysis, I've  come to believe that problems surrounding the Sensitive Command Network (SCN) was a plausible cause of the spurious lighted commands on the Commander's Console experienced by Schuur.

As I explained to Rich, the 1968 Minot incident was a different "animal."  This case, as all who have followed here, involved numerous ground observers plus a B-52 that over flew the flight area(s).  Added to this is the extensive investigation carried out by the Air Force and Project Blue Book.  One can find fault in numerous Blue Book investigations, but this one appeared to be one of the better ones.

Rich Reynolds states that he understands Robert Hastings' concerns that UFOs may be attempting to disable our nuclear weapons.  To show the absurdity of this theory, I offer the following blog post:

"Is there credible evidence that UFO's disrupted the operations of US ICBMs?  The facts appear not to support this hypothesis.   All documented mishaps and problems have been attributed mostly to human error in dealing with complex systems.  The major ICBM weapon systems have evolved solely based on the concepts of system reliability and economic cost factors.  Missiles/rockets that relied on liquid propellants and oxidizers gave way to safer solid propellants thus reducing mishaps.  Individuals such as Robert Hastings have presented anecdotal evidence that "strange" lights of an undetermined nature have been sighted over and near US ICBM sites, but he has failed to demonstrate that this phenomena resulted in the operational disruption of our nuclear missile forces.  We, as humans, have been quite adapt at disrupting our ICBMs with out needing help from ET."  Tim Hebert

Complicated systems interfacing with UFO-like A.I. probes?  There is no credible information that supports such notions.

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