Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Blog in the works: Project Minuteman

I've had this project on the back burner for a while, but I'm soon to launch a new blog titled "Project Minuteman" as a means for collecting historical data concerning UFOs and the Minuteman ICBM force.

This will be a vehicle designed to encourage the telling of past and present experiences in a written format.  I'll be encouraging those who served in Minuteman I, II, and III...past and present. This includes operational launch crews, security personnel, facility managers, cooks, maintenance personnel and relevant contractors.

I'll be also encouraging those individuals who were on alert in the Titan II and Peace Keeper systems.  I've noticed that there is little to no UFO reports concerning these two weapon systems.

The format used will be based on the subjective and objective concept that we use in our current clinical assessment tools in my line of work.  Subjective meaning what was the perception of the individual who experienced the event(s).  Objective meaning what measurable data was/is available at the time:  weather, time of day, month, year, etc.

The reports will be posted in the comment sections of the blog.  The individual may comment anonymously or provide his/her real name.  Since most would probably be posting anonymously, I will ask that relevant background information be provided:  rank, wing/squadron affiliation, job classification (MOS), name of wing commander in place at the time of the experience, etc. as this will provide me with enough details to provide authenticity of the commenters.   

The comments will be moderated as a means of filtering the reports and allowing me to list only the reports themselves without having to deal with any outside criticism or off topic comments. Hopefully I'll be able to filter "impostors" who would be intent on skewing data or causing mischief. 

The "devils in the details" so one needs to provide a detailed report as best as possible.  I plan for now to add no comments of my own, but will use the information only as a data collection source for future publication if possible. 

I'll also invite those current and former Air Force personnel who had provided information to Robert Hastings in support of his work.  Though I tend to oppose Hastings theories, I will accept those reports without criticism.  BTW, if said individuals feel that Hastings had taken their experiences/statements out of context then I would be interested in reading those comments as well.

Hope to have the site up in running in a few days.  The blog is ready to go with the exception of adding the criteria and formatting instruction for the reports. 

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