Sunday, February 7, 2016

Robert Hasting's UFOs and Nukes Documentary

Robert Hastings appears to be close to unveiling his latest efforts regarding his UFO and nukes theory.  Frank Warren,, has posted Robert's current status with "UFOs and Nukes" documentary with two short trailers.

After viewing his trailers, I have to commend Robert for his providing of stock footage for his Minuteman ICBM segment.  Though I'm in disagreement with Robert's theory, I at the least, applaud his efforts for putting the weapon system in proper context and moving away from the docu-drama products that had been put forth in the past by the likes of Discovery Channel-Canada and others.

I'm especially looking forward to the Malmstrom segments.  My views on Malmstrom is peppered throughout this blog and two others (see blog side bar for both Echo and Oscar flight's blogs).  At this point, I'm more interested in Robert's presentation.

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