Saturday, January 2, 2016

New edition out...Tim Printy's SUNlite.

Tim Printy has put out a new edition of his SUNlite webzine.  Interesting article on the current efforts to decipher the blurred text of the Ramey memo.

Tim provides an in-depth analysis of the memo.  As most should know, one of the key areas of interest is the verbiage "victims of the wreck," or what is perceived to be so which is highly dependent on one's point of view concerning the interpretation of the 1947 Roswell story.

Tim provides this interesting tidbit:

"Over a decade ago, Kevin Randle and James Houran published a study about the Ramey memo where they concluded that people would not be able to read the word “victims” unless they were prompted to do so. David Rudiak felt the subjects, who were allowed to view the image, were not given enough context or information about the memo, to give it a proper reading/ interpretation. He felt the wording was clear enough to him and to his fellow crashologists. To prove this, he came up with what he calls “consensus” readings. However, this “consensus” readings were among many pro-UFO crash authors who have been publishing and sharing their readings with each other for years. They are not independent and most are influenced by a shared belief in a crashed spaceship. It is not a surprise that they are going to agree on certain key phrases and the document’s meaning."

I recall looking at David Rudiak's survey results, available on his website, which he provides "context" to the verbiage in question.  To me it appeared that he was leading people in the direction that would provide favorable results for his interpretation.  What was lacking was a control group mechanism.  But that is my own personal opinion.

Tim provides other articles of interests for both the skeptics and UFO proponents.  As usual a good read which I highly recommend taking to the time to read!

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