Friday, August 8, 2014

The 1964 Big Sur UFO Incident: Tim Printy Provides a Solution.

I had briefly mentioned in a recent blog post that Tim Printy provided an extensive write-up concerning the 1964 Big Sur UFO incident.  Printy provides answers to this case, but the bulk of the research data came from the late Joel Carpenter.  Read "Mr. Carpenter's Missing Opus"

Back in 1964, a series of test launches involving the Atlas ICBM took place out of Vandenburg AFB, CA.  One of these launches, "Butterfly Net", was video taped by an Air Force photography crew headed by then Lt. Robert Jacobs.  As the story goes, the video tape allegedly shows a UFO(s) interfering with the simulated warhead knocking it off course.  Jacobs would, and still does, state that after being allowed to view the video tape, the tape was then confiscated by the CIA or AFOSI and never to be seen again.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings has long been a Jacobs supporter and on occasion will resurrect the story to help propagate his UFO/Nukes theory regardless of compelling evidence that supports no UFOs, but merely a malfunctioning of the penetration aids associated with the test.  In the world of UFO proponents the term "malfunction" is conveniently missing from their lexicon.  

Kingston George provided a rebuttal to Hastings assertions, but of course anyone affiliated with the actual launch of the ICBM in question and did not see UFOs in the tape is/was branded as a government shill with the attempt to suppress the "truth."  Sounds familiar?

As he provided for the 1957 RB-47 case, Printy provides extensive documents and rationale for the Big Sur case utilizing the foundation set in place by the late Joel Carpenter.  Tim wanted to present the case as Carpenter would have should he had lived to do so.  I believe that Tim has done so in a marvelous fashion.

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