Thursday, December 19, 2013

Update on What's Been Happening

Well once again I've been missing in action on the blog for a couple of months.  I do apologies to those who generally visit the site on a somewhat regular basis, but life events tend to take precedence over the debate of the existence of UFOs/ETs.  Yet, I've still had my ear to the door on the subject matter in different areas.

One of the main reasons for my absence was the wedding of my daughter which took place last Saturday (Dec 14).  Handling the logistics when called upon, or more appropriately staying out of the way, took up some free time.  The wedding was a success and I was pleased with how the event (ceremony and reception/dinner) came off.  I didn't screw up the bride/father dance (Rascal Flat's My Wish) too badly.  A simple two step turned into a poorly orchestrated waltz like that on Dancing with the Stars (Len would have ate my ass up alive!).

To my good friend Psyche 101 at Unexplained Mysteries, I've quite a few cases of beer left over and would love to unload one or two...I've yet to figure how to get it to you down in Australia.

UFOs and things

I've had to set aside the Minot case for the time being, but once the holidays are finished I'll get back at it.  I've already accomplished a good bit, but I think that the delay for a few months will actually work out better as it will allow me to go back over some key areas.  I actually charted some of the stellar objects in October so as to give me a personal visual of what the key players may have seen or not, at least, from a possible stellar component.  But I plan to pick it back up after the holidays.

I did participate in a few rounds of comments on the Roswell fiasco concerning the supposed alien photos that Anthony Bragalia had come across.  I'm still confused whether Tony actually saw the photos or not, but it certainly opened up a fire storm effecting Kevin Randle's on-going re-investigation of the Roswell saga.  I think Randle took a big hit to his reputation, but the final outcome remains to be seen.

Other than Paul Kimball's information about Robert Salas' undergoing hypnosis (originally from Billy Cox?), there is no further info concerning the Malmstrom cases.  I posted a blog article awhile back concerning Salas' hypnotic therapy a few months ago.

So that is it for now.  I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and a prosperous up and coming New Year.    


  1. Hi Tim

    Mate, I am sure we can find a way for those cases of beer, however, I might need a hand with them :D

    Cheers, thanks for the updates, love your work.

  2. Psyche,

    Do folks "down under" drink Sam Adams? I've still got a few cases left. Handed out a few to my neighbors for Christmas gifts...I was the most popular guy in the neighborhood for awhile.

    Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes for a great new year!