Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Great Moments in Ufology History

The Chinese Lantern is supposedly credited to the military strategist  Zhuge Liang (181–234 AD).  Liang was also referred to as Kongming and hence, in China, the lanterns are known as Kongming lanterns.

Liang's efforts may have well been the beginning's of the modern day UFO source.  Ufology owes a debt of gratitude for this archaic, yet festive "fiery" balloon.

The invention of the automobile hubcap was a vast developmental milestone in Ufology.  The mundane hubcap has advanced the general public's ability to photograph this aerial enigma thus adding to the growing scientific database of UFO design and performance specifications.  

Demonstrated above is the UFO's capability to operate in precision formation.  This photo further baffles ufologist as the proposed anti-gravity propulsion systems allows the UFOs to fly seemingly attached to one another.  This could account for the UFO to appear as one object in the sky then abruptly separating into multiple objects.  It is possible that military investigators have reversed engineered this capability and adapted this technology to the precision aerial demonstrations by such units as the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels.

Here is a demonstration of a multiple landing of UFOs.  Should a higher advance extraterrestrial race attempt to invade the earth, this may be the strategic formation used in such an aerial assault.  Again, noticed the precision of the formation which would allow ET forces to off load troops and supplies.  This is very similar to the Greek phalanx used in ancient military tactics.  This has led some ufologist to suggest that UFOs have indeed visited the earth during the time of Antiquity. 

Here is an example of strange markings that have been seen on UFOs.  What could it mean?Such galactic symbols continue to frustrate ufologist who specialize in extraterrestrial linguistic studies.  Those dedicated scientific-minded individuals continue to labor to this very day attempting to discover the universal Rosetta Stone that may one day unlock this mystery.

There you have it.  Those of us that follow the on-going saga of the UFO phenomena need to be reminded of the past achievements and developmental studies that have advance our knowledge of UFOs.  There should be no doubt that the Chinese Lantern and the hubcap deserve to be recognized and celebrated due to the contributions both have had in the advancement of UFO studies.  

Note all images provided from wikipedia and google image search. TH

Note: Yes, I'm working on the Minot case and hope to have the first installment soon.  TH


  1. Tim, I would like to mention the ufological contributions of the Wright Brothers of America. Over a century ago, they developed a bird-like air-borne carriage that, when affixed with lights and seen travelling at a distance, has resulted in about 95% of all youtube UFO videos.

    Many times I have begged the posters of such videos to follow through their investigationa and visit the ground bases of these mysterious air carriages. I have provided coordinates for these bases, I have even told the video posters they can purchase a ticket and fly inside one of these intelligently controlled machines!

    Hear me out! I, myself, have visited air carriage nests in North American and in Europe! I have been flown in some of these unnatural devices -- over land and sea!

    Sad to say, UFO video posters are uniformly hostile to my corroboration of their reports. They seem to be a hard and skeptical lot. If only they would open their minds, they too would know what I have experienced!

  2. Terry, good to hear from you! I have to tell you that while I was composing my little satire piece, your blog came to mind...a little inspiration, if you will.

    I hope to add other "Great Moments" in future posts. We all need a little humor in our lives.