Thursday, November 8, 2012

Robert Hastings Double Downs on Echo and Oscar Flights

Robert Hastings continues to dig up the decomposed carcass of Echo and Oscar Flights further attempting to apply jumper cables to this folklore.  Recently, on The UFO Chronicles web site, Robert penned the usual "gospel" along with the literary flogging of James Carlson.

Basically, its the same old story.  There is nothing new, nothing has changed....simply it's staled old bread.  Robert attempts to resurrect the same cast of characters as if their story will change the final outcome.  Not a chance.  Question for the reader to ponder:  If Robert is convinced that others are lock-stock in step with his view point, why write another article?  I suspect that not all have drank from Hastings' chalice.

But I urge the reader to read the article and compare notes.  While your at it, view the seemingly obligatory video of the "famed" September 2010 news conference and notice who was not present, or truthfully, who was not invited, then ask the all important question...why?

Robert jams it to Carlson, yet refuses to acknowledge/refute my work on this blog.  Why is that?   Simply, my work stands alone and is correct...or very closely so.  You'll notice that Robert rarely comments on this site, other than the time when he threw a temper tantrum when taken to task on his FE Warren debacle.  Where's that solid research going for him these days?

While I'm at it, Frank Warren was supposed to "correct" some of my facts.  That was back in November 2010 and I've yet to be "schooled" by the master.  Yes Frank, its cognitive bias in all it's glory.

Robert's version of Ufology math concerning Echo and Oscar simply does not add up, no matter how often his attempts to bring it up.  But keep at it Mr. Hastings, practice makes perfect...doubtful as it may be.


  1. Actually, Robert's version simply adds up. It's your story that seems flimsy and unconvincing, mate.

  2. Michael, feel free to believe what you want. My story is flimsy and unconvincing? Grow a pair and tell me'd be the first one. While your at it, tell me why Robert's version adds up...mate.

    Best Regards