Friday, September 28, 2012

French Skeptic Gilles Fernandez's New Blog

I want to put a plug in for Gilles Fernandez's new blog, Skeptic Versus The Flying Saucer.  Gilles has been a supporter of my efforts concerning the Malmstrom UFO(s) incidents since the blogs beginnings back in 2010.  Thanks to his efforts, along with others such as Nablator (Nabs), my thoughts have been posted back in the "Old Country", particularly on the French Sceptic Ovni Forum.

Gilles brings an impressive academic resume to the UFO argument.  Gilles holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and has authored a book concerning the 1947 Roswell incident.  He is very active on the Sceptic Ovni forum.

I want to thank Rich Reynolds at UFO Iconoclasts for posting about Gilles' new and much needed outlet.

Merci my friend and best wishes on your new venture.  I anxiously await your postings.

Note:  Poster image from both UFO Iconoclasts and Gilles Fernandez's blog.  TH

Update:  Gilles blog is in french so use Google's translate application.  I'm currently using Google Chrome which will automatically ask if you want to translate. 


  1. Hello Tim,
    I'm embarrassed by your plug to my blog... but so flatted!
    Thank you so Much, Tim.

  2. Gilles, the pleasure is all mine, no need to be embarrassed. I hope to link to some of your work in future, especially as I continue to move my blog into the realm of looking at different paranormal phenomena in cognitive setting.

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