Sunday, July 1, 2012

Former Air Force Member Chimes In...Jamison, UFOs and EMPs

I recently received the following as a comment to my first blog article concerning Echo Flight's alledged UFO incident.  I believe this helps support my on-going hypothesis for both Echo and Oscar Flight.

Thanks for a most interesting report. I served with (then Capt.) Bob Jamison at Chanute AFB where we were both instructors in the Minutemnan Missile Maintenance Officer's Course. And I do recall occasional office discussion about a number of missiles suddenly going off Strategic Alert at Malmstrom. Electrical and electronic glitches in the Minuteman System were not all that unique- it was an extremely complex weapons system. The UFO part was, to my recollection, never taken seriously- either a practical joke, misunderstood comment or strictly secondhand hearsay. No one in our instructor group seriously thought extraterrestrials were behind this event. But the Air Force DID take EMP seriously. I was sent TDY to Boeing in 1969 for training on a new EMP detection system to be installed in each LCF. The training message was that ALL EMPs, not just those of a nuclear nature, were cause for concern. Grant Taylor Cabot, VT on Did UFOs Disable Minuteman Missiles at Malmstrom AFB in 1967?

I wonder if Robert Hastings would be breaking the sound barrier attempting to get Mr. Taylor's statement on record?

Question for Mr. Taylor:  Did Robert Jamison believe the Malmstrom UFO stories to be practical jokes or misunderstandings?.

Thanks Grant for taking the time to post your very informative comment.  I tend to agree with you as all of the documents that I've reviewed does support your statement concerning EMPs...and yes, you are most correct in that not all EMPs were of the nuclear variety.  Lightning and solar flares would have been equally areas of concern.  Thanks again.


  1. Mr. Taylor?? Damn! All my references to the gentleman on "Reality Uncovered" refer to him as "Mr. Cabot" ... should he get back in touch with you please extend my apologies. It never even occurred to me that "Grant Taylor Cabot, VT" might mean "Grant Taylor of Cabot, Vermont", instead of "Grant Taylor Cabot of Vermont". Now I feel like an idiot, and there's only one cure for that -- I'm going to go grab a root beer and head upstairs to play with my old "G.I. Joe with New Kung Fu Grip!" Cheers, Tim...

  2. Wasn't Robert Salas trained as an electrical engineer? Why would he so casually spin off into nuclear EMP explanations at the expense of everything else? Waitaminute -- no need to answer that. It's a silly question to ask once you've proven deceit (and I don't mean deceit of depants)...