Friday, March 16, 2012

Echo Flight's 45th Anniversary

Today marks the 45th anniversary of Malmstrom's Echo Flight ICBM shutdown.  Rather than writing an extensive post rehashing the UFO controversy, I'll refer the readers (those still interested in the subject) to my previous blog posts related to Echo.  I'll also provide links to those sites that have provided "red meat" for the UFO buffs.  On this blog site, I've provided a search window (on the right hand side bar) to allow easy access to certain topics of interest from my previous posts.

Here are my 11 points of contention that, in my opinion, rules out UFO involvement during Echo's ten ICBM shutdown back on 16 March 1967:

1. High probability that no maintenance teams were out on any of Echo's sites during shutdowns.
2. No maintenance or security teams mentioned in the Unit History.
3. After 44 years, none of the supposed eye witnesses have ever been identified, nor have these people ever came forward, concluding that they may never have existed in the first place.
4. Walter Figel's inconsistency from both Hastings and Salas' interviews.
5. Walter Figel's perceived reluctance to publicly support Hastings' UFO theory, as evidence by, his absence from the D.C press conference, lack of an affidavit affirming his statements.
6. Eric Carlson's strong denial of receiving any UFO reports from security personnel.
7. No intercept missions flown by the Montana National Guard against any unknown radar contacts.
8. Minuteman LF design of connectivity isolation precludes any one event (UFO included) from affecting the remaining ICBMs in a given flight.
9. Echo was a flight specific event with no other adjoining flight effected
10. The only plausible UFO scenario would have been a UFO over/near Echo's LCF/LCC. This never occurred and no reports or rumors ever comes close to supporting this scenario.
11. The Boeing ECP and final installation of EMP suppression fixes resulting in no Echo-like situation from ever happening again for all SAC missile wings (Minuteman and Titan).

Here are the links to the "other" side of the story (both sites have a site search window to type in "Echo Flight):

If you "google" a search for "Malmstrom 1967 UFO" you should receive a plethora of information concerning this fascinating lore of UFology.

Question for the reader to ponder:  Where are all of those unknown individuals that supposedly saw the UFO over or near one of Echo's Launch Facility?  After 45 years we know more about the JFK assassination, both fact and fiction, than we do about Echo.


  1. Nice summary redirect, Tim! IRT your Kennedy comment (I think "oh, no!" was my first response -- no offense intended; it's just that I've been talking about that alleged conspiracy lately with one of my brothers and it's very easy to tire of such circular tales and tails), given the claims established at [damn silly and annoying] ; [a whole lot of fun -- the Criswell quote is wonderful] ; [amusing primarily for the adjacent links elsewhere] ; and [just what I'd expect from from Mr. Salla -- more crap to confuse the locals; interesting primarily for the extensive comments about absolutely nothing, a characteristic that I believe also serves as an appropriate definition for exopolitics in general], I just hope no one does a U-turn to suggest that the CIA took out the missiles at Echo Flight in a fruitless attempt to redirect attention away from the Clay Shaw trial in New Orleans that had been taking up far too much newspaper attention that particular spring. On the other hand, it's far easier for someone like John Keel (or Jim Garrison) to say "everything's connected" than it is for them to prove it.

    1. I am reading all this with great interest. Keep up the good work.

  2. James and Frank, thanks for the comments, they're much appreciated.

  3. Love your style. I'd like to share an analysis with you re: a different event. Would love your skeptical input. This one has me stumped

  4. Glenn, appreciate your comment. As far as my opinion on another event, I'd be willing to take a look. You can provide a synopsis here, or guide me to a particular link.