Friday, February 3, 2012

Major Milestone Achieved: 5000 Views

First, before you start chuckling, I'm totally aware that for most blogs, 5000 views makes this little site of mine small by comparison.  Yet, consider the topics that I write about and why I initially started this site, then you get the idea why I'm pleased with the viewership.

When I first posted the initial blog post, "Did UFOs Disable Minuteman Missiles at Malmstrom AFB" back in November of 2010, I figured that would be the end of it.  I further figured that a couple of hundred views would be considered acceptable owing to the subject matter and interest level.  Well, happily, I was wrong.  My initial article has been viewed well over 1100 times as I write this post.  Slowly catching up is the "Case Closed..." article.  This site has been viewed by most countries on this planet.  I figure if someone in Vietnam found interest on this site then I'm doing something right/wrong to entice a visit.

I've been averaging close to 30 views per day.  Simply to the reader, if you come here regularly or stumbled across this site by are not alone, there are others.

Future blog projects:

1.  Evaluation of the Oscar Flight shutdown claims by Robert Salas.  I plan to look at Salas' claim much as I did Echo Flight by breaking the story down in segments.  Yes this requires us all to go back to March 24, 1967...we might as well look at the Belt, Montana UFO sighting while we're there since that occurred at the same time as the alleged Oscar incident.

2.  Looking at more "paranormal" legends and drawing parallels to both Echo and Oscar Flights.  Simply a continuation of the "working cognitive theory" of the missile crew oral tale/history.  I'll introduce the legend of the ghost of the "Blue Lady."  Yes, there is a parallel to the Echo/Oscar'll have to humor me on this one.  (Some may already know this one!)

3.  Periodic updates concerning the FE Warren communication outage and the heavy use of "anonymous" sources to propagate UFO involvement.  (This may change as real names surface as the sources.)

4.  Dropping by Minot AFB in 1968 and looking at the UFO claims. (This one was investigated by Blue Book)...Conspiracy anyone?

5.  Looking at a cognitive behavioral model that may (or may not) explain UFO abductions/close encounters.  This one I'm really looking forward to since my current profession involves working with in-patient care settings dealing primarily with individuals who have a history of psychotic disorders.  I'm currently in the initial stages of working out a working hypothesis.

So, as you can see, some interesting stuff coming down the road.   Drop a comment or two if you have the urge. And...thank you for viewing this site!

Tim Hebert

To the folks in Russia who are constantly lifting the images of the various Launch Facilities and launch control console equipment....the equipment is no longer in use due to major upgrades, ie REACT..  And the LF images in the various posts were taken from Ellsworth and Whiteman AFB...those sites are now deactivated and imploded.  They simply do not exists anymore!


  1. Congratulations! It's a milestone that is only "small by comparison" in contrast to the "browse factor". You represent a very focused point-of-view and attraction for readers. Most sites are very general in nature and tend to reprint anything that fits their wide-ranging pursuit of the trivial. You don't reprint articles, and you pursue subjects that are literally surrounded by that "silence of the disinterested authority" we are all so familiar with. For the most part your readers, I suspect, are actively looking for you. In my book, the number of people doing so is something to be proud of.

  2. James, thanks for the kind words. My apologies for your comment being posted late, as for some unknown reason it was listed as spam by the Blogger filter. Robert Hastings should take your approach with the use of patience and not jump to false conclusions. Again, thanks for your readership and insight.