Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tim Printy Tackles the 1957 RB-47 UFO Case!

A few days ago, Tim Printy published a very detailed review of the famous 1957 UFO case involving an RB-47 and what UFO proponents believe to be UFOs tracking the aircraft as it performed a training mission out of Forbes AFB, KS.

Well over six months ago, Tim was issued a challenge to "solve" the case once and for all as the RB-47 case is considered "Ufology's Best Evidence."  As Tim explains in his article his work is nowhere conclusive, yet does raise numerous questions concerning the original research conducted by Brad Sparks and the late Phillip Klass.

Tim Printy's fine and exhaustive work can be found in his latest edition of SUNlite and I highly encourage you to read the article regardless on what side of the fence which you sit.

I would like to welcome any comments on Tim Printy's article and since Tim visits my site from time to time, maybe he would be willing to engage in discussion.


  1. I always read Printy's stuff . . . . :)

  2. What a complete kroc Printy's stuff is, an enlisted submariner questioning a SACj jet flight crew flying at the height of the cold war. Meteor indeed! Blowing off the Command Pilots head on evasive action. Klass is so biased anything he writes makes one go right to his motivation and backing. Tim Printy you should be ashamed. You debunked nothing.

  3. You're a little late to the party.

    Why sign in anonymously? If you have a beef with Printy, sign your real name...also send Printy an email if your that disgusted...but you won't.

    Did you read the actual article? Tim never stated that he solved all of the issues of the case.

    And lastly, if your that pissed at a dead man (Klass), grab a Ouija board and have at with Klass.

  4. I just checked with Klass using a Quija board and he has profusely apologized for his mistake. There, I think we can all sleep better tonight...