Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Robert Hastings: "James Carlson Just Can't Get It"...Again?

So it goes once again that minus any legitimate attempts at debating the merits of the Malmstrom case, Robert Hastings resorts to his old habits of deflecting away from the issues, namely by using James Carlson as a shield against "the slings and arrows" hurled against his traveling ufology road show.

"By attempting to discredit these courageous men, some of whom spoke out at my September 2010 press conference in Washington D.C., Carlson only comes across as ever more delusional, except to those so negatively-biased against the UFO reality that such rants seem reasonable."

This shtick grows old as his theory continues to take on water and those of us who point out the obvious disconnects with his story are constantly, in Hastings eyes, becoming "...ever more delusional..."  Least I remind everyone that two of the principle characters of Hastings' Malmstrom UFO saga were notably missing at the D.C. press conference...Eric Carlson and Walter Figel.  Why was that...?

"Unlike the guys with backbone--the ones who participated in the press conference--Figel has been back-tracking in recent months. Fortunately, his more candid moments were caught on audio tape years ago and the world can now eavesdrop on his confessions."

Figel backtracking in recent months?  How about shape shifting the story since 1996 and eventually throwing Hastings' a UFO bone in 2008.  Which ones were Figel's most candid moments caught on audio?  The candid statements to Salas in 1996 or to Hastings in 2008?  Both "candid" moments are significantly different and Robert Hastings hasn't quite figured that one out, yet never mind, we are the ones that are considered delusional and misguided.  For a refresher on those candid moments see "A Tale of Two Figels..."

For a man whom Hastings once told me had "serious mental" issues, James Carlson appears to be causing Hastings some sleepless nights thus forcing Hastings to once again play the "delusional Carlson" card in yet another feeble attempt to throw the dogs off the scent.

Lastly, lets take a quick peek at the poster, or more accurately, who paste Hastings recent rant on UFO Magazine Blog, Alfred Lehmberg:

"You know -- it's selfish, self-interested, self-involved, self-motivated, and self-concerned cack-wits, like yourself, that the genuine truth-seeker has always had to leap over in pursuit of any real enlightened efficacy or validated self-respect... Pack sand and "die," Mr. Carlson, for all of us, including yourself. ...And Skippy? Don't make me explain the quotes around "die." I promise that it will be embarrassing."

"Much too little much too late, Mr. Carlson. Couple your paucity of legitimate rebuttal with the humiliating necessity of having to qualify the seeming cowardice of your father (?), and what was unconvincingly contrary is now just embarrassingly shrill."

Mr. Lehmberg...dude...calling a man, whom you've never met, a coward tells a lot about yourself and your lack of objectivity, and most importantly, lack of character.  Unfortunately, I'm not surprised.  Robert Hastings relies on others such as Alfred Lehmberg to be his covert and/or overt "sock puppets" parroting out what ever marching orders that filters down the way.  One would think that rather than paste someone else work, some thought provoking originality could be had to entice intelligent debate on the issues rather than childish name calling.  Skippy, make him explain "die" and keep his promise...


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  2. "Dude" -- I've lectured at service schools on the subject of courage. One knows it when one sees it and can easily detect its absence... met or not.

    Yes, by all _means_, Mr. Carlson -- _make_ me explain!

    CW4, USA (Retired)

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  4. Looks like you've got his attention now. I'm surprised he knows how to read. I think he wouldn't be so bitter if he got out a little more. As if someone could learn about courage by giving a lecture on it ... Why is it the only people who insist on accusing me of the worst crimes in the most insulting manner are all wackoes? I'm glad to see you didn't rise to his constant baiting. I did -- once -- and now I can't get him to shut up. C'est la vie!

  5. James, thanks as always for your comments and thoughts.

    Alfred Lehmberg: Whether you taught/lectured at any of the service schools is irrelevant to the issue at hand. A poor attempt at deflection via "primping." BTW, I've had the opportunity to read your full reply on the UFO Magazine Blog and found it amusing...you have me all but starting a meth lab in my garage. I plan a full reply in kind on my blog which I believe you will find equally amusing and at the end challenging...

    Best Regards,


  6. Which of you is Twaddle-dee, and which Tweety-dum?

    Can't wait for your reply, Timmy. I do so enjoy being amused _and_ challenged. We can see what kind of primping you do in your own right, eh?

    Hey! BTW, there's a new Hastings post up at the UFOMag Blog... maybe you're better advised reponding to that... oh wait... that's right! You can't, haven't, and won't because you have to hold on, at all cost, to your tedious little two-color world view! Never mind.

  7. Thanks for the tip...Alfie. Your a day late and a dime short. I was made aware of Hastings' post yesterday. You were "scooped" by Morningstar at UFO Digest and as seems to be your special talent, you paste Hastings' post own to yours...you are original, I'll give you that. Never mind. LMAO!

    Regards, Tim

    PS: Read your blog, It's a shame, for an exceptionally articulate individual...you tend to convey....nothing.

  8. ROFL! You can't _pay_ for criticism like that! Thanks for the external validation... see, Timmers, you all but admit you'd feel differently were I in your service. Tsk!